League Cup Photos: Man Utd 3-1 Man City – Red Still Rules In Manchester… Just

Ollie Irish

28th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish


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Manchester City's Micah Richards (right) and Manchester United's Ryan Giggs (left) battle for the ball

The BBC couldn’t show highlights of this game before Prem highlights, for contractual reasons, but if you didn’t see it live, then they were worth staying up late for. This was the third brilliant Manchester derby of the season, and it reminded you of just how awesome the atmosphere inside Old Trafford can be – I’ve not heard that much noise from Man Yoo fans in a long, long time. Speaking of Man Yoo fans, shame on the those morons who threw stuff – coins, bottles, at Craig Bellamy; and well done to Edwin van der Sar for stepping in to protect the Welshman. I know it must be very tempting to throw things at Bellamy, but anyone who goes through with it has no right to call themselves a football supporter.

Alex Ferguson and United’s players celebrated wildly at the final whistle – you’d have thought they had won the Champions League. That’s a compliment to City, who are now taken very seriously by the red half of Manchester, for the first time in decades. It’s a compliment especially to Carlos Tevez, who did everything in his power to defeat his former club (does he ever stop running?), and whose “Respect my authority!” demands and Gary Neville-flavoured banter added an even sharper edge to the contest; neutral fans were never this excited in a two-legged League Cup tie.

So it’s Man Utd v Aston Villa at Wembley. Should be a great game too – Villa’s speed on the counter attack caused United problems at Old Trafford not so long ago, but I’ll pick United to win by the odd goal.

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  1. Roy Keane's Gum says:

    This is the first time I’ve visited this site, (if I recall) and because you refer to Manchester United as Man Yoo, it will be my last. What are you, 9?

  2. alex says:

    i agree that no one should throw stuff onto the field, but bellamy is a little shit for going down like he was hit with a bottle when it was just a pound coin, trying to pretend like he’d been gunned down (not adebayor joke), so the coins didnt bother me really, but the bottles were definitely over the line. good job though edwin.

  3. alex says:

    on another note, having been to the stadium, i have no idea how they got the bottles out to the seats, there are a lot of grounds staff that look around like eagles for that shit

  4. Grant says:

    Roy Keane’s Gum, if you can’t grasp the tounge-in-cheek nature of the site, we’ll be glad to see the back of ya.

    Alex, I hope you keep that in mind if you ever get hit by a coin that is thrown from a hundred feet above you. No matter what you think about someone, you can’t throw shit on the field. Ever.

  5. Ramon Towers says:

    To be fair to Alex, I’ve been hit on the swede twice with pound coins (oddly enough, both times at the city of Manchester stadium – I’m a United fan) and I didn’t roll around on the floor. The second time, I split the quid with the bloke next to me who copped for the rebound…

  6. missus vidic says:

    owhh what about that citeh fan who threw cigarette lighter at evra on the 1st leg???why no one talked about that???biased…

  7. TSPOT says:

    alex you fucking prick let me lob £1 coins at your head and see if you go down. what a fucking retard you really are. the bottle was plastic also and you class that as more dangerous than a £1 coin you fucking idiot.

  8. TSPOT says:

    im still fucking mad so comment number 2. Alex “so the coins didnt bother me really” what a fucking idiotic thing to say!!! Nothing should ever be thrown onto the picth at any footballer no matter how much of a twat you think they are. jesus fucking christ. have you ever been to old trafford alex. the coin was lobbed from pretty high up so would fucking hurt.
    “bellamy is a little shit for going down like he was hit with a bottle when it was just a pound coin, trying to pretend like he’d been gunned down (not adebayor joke)”
    he had already gone down when the bottle was thrown so how the fuck was he pretending the bottle hit him????

  9. raymon dammy says:

    machester united is the best club in the world, the club that can relier on is united.sucsess shall be our portion all the machester united fans (amen).

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