Rio Ferdinand Kicks Fernando Torres Before Lifting Him Back Onto His Feet (Video)

Alan Duffy

10th, March 2013


By Alan Duffy

Is Rio Ferdinand on the verge of a nervous breakdown or something? Coming after the Man Utd defender sarcastically applauded the ref (in his face) after the Real Madrid game before then shaking his hand, the former West Ham has once again exhibited some rather extreme behaviour, this time in the FA Cup clash with Chelsea.

With the ball heading up the other end of the pitch, Ferdinand purposefully catches Fernando Torres on the back of his ankles before lifting the Spaniard back up when he falls, justifiably, to the ground.

Torres doesn’t make the most of the situation, but surely this should earn Ferdinand some kind of ban from the FA? Thoughts?

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  1. Neily D says:

    here is a possible motive

    Torres to Ferdinand: “If you’re done being embarrassed, take a seat and I’ll start busting up Johnny Evans”

  2. John Terry says:

    I am not a supporter of Man U and definitely not a supporter of Ferdinand, but are you serious? He just touched him and Felnando fell down like a doll.

  3. Ken says:

    not punished for the sarcastic clapping, fergie not punished for ditching post match interviews, fergie not punished for going out of his technical area. so no ban since this is the fa we’re talking about.

  4. buddah says:

    you’re a cunt @jesus

  5. david harte says:

    Torres has no idea the thug is coming; the Spaniard’s back is to him, so let’s not talk about “making a meal” of this. He got blindsided, no question.

    Cheap shot. Typical of Ferdinand.

  6. swissmafia says:

    Yes.. Im a Man U fan, and there is no excuse for that one. Surely there should be some kind of punishment by the FA. Terrible gesture from his part.

  7. Jesus' brother says:

    I agree Jesus.
    Dirty cheating scum ferdinand.
    Would be no loss to humanity if this gimp died in a fiery car wreck.

  8. You moron says:

    Big deal. Who cares. Clutching at straws. Really worth even thinking let alone posting?!

  9. Hussey says:

    Rio is just a bully, he needs to grow up.what he did was stupid and to give it up for torres for behaving like the gentleman he is.*sighs*

  10. Si says:

    It is clearly Rio’s time of the month.

  11. Graham says:

    “Oh, United did something morally questionable? MOAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” You bitter cunts need to get off it.

    “if this gimp died in a fiery car wreck” about says it all for the class of some people getting after Rio for a little nip at Torres.

  12. Si says:

    @Graham – Rio tripped up Torres.

    The trip / kick was clear at the time and is clearer on all of the replays. You are not being persecuted – Christ, you sound like a Scouser – one of your players has simply been a moron and may very well get a stern letter from the FA because of it.

    If he does, he will deserve it and I would expect the same if one of our players did the same thing.

    That is all. It is not rocket science, it really isn’t.

  13. Tom says:

    Torres doesnt make the most of it, Rio sticks his legs between Torres’, then pushes his head.

    He’s a rat

  14. s says:

    what ever it’s torres, does anyone really give a shit?

  15. thulo says:

    That’s ferdinand for you….I like him a lot lol

  16. sleeba says:

    Buddah called Jesus a cunt?
    The Gods are fighting over this one.

  17. Reality check says:

    Let’s get some perspective – I coach jnr football and deal with copycat shit like this often.If a kid playing against yours decides to pull a Ferdinand and kick your kid from behind and hit him in the head? Guaranteed all u manc pricks would be screaming blue murder.

  18. Caz says:

    Let’s face it – Ferdinand is a has-been with very little brain and very little footballing ability left but unfortunately the FA have no balls when it comes to dealing with the london side of manchester

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