‘Something May Be About To Happen That No-One Could Imagine!’ – Jose Mourinho Is Nowt But A Dirty Flirt

Chris Wright

25th, March 2013


By Chris Wright

“Well hello there!”

As is his wont, Jose Mourinho has been fanning the flames of speculation once again, after taking a small group of wide-eyed tabloid hacks aside during his trip to London this weekend and whispering seductively in their ears that he may be about to do something unimaginable as far as his managerial CV is concerned.

Mou is quoted as saying:

“Everyone knows I have an adventurous spirit. It’s not easy for my family. We’ll see what happens. After England, Portugal, Italy and Spain, it’s not easy to find a new destination.

“It could be a destination where I have coached before. There are things that may be about to happen no-one could imagine.”

Make of that what thou wilt. Predictably, most of the tabloids have blown their beans over Mourinho’s sweet nothings, with both The Sun and MARCA (among several others) claiming that this is conclusive proof the Real Madrid coach has definitely “held preliminary talks” with Roman Abramovich about getting his old job back.

Man, this guy just loves stirring the bull plop! Ten shillings says he’s still at Madrid next season.

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  1. Milkchew says:

    Two things unlikely to happen, but you never know:

    #1 – He becomes the new Barce boss.
    #2 – He becomes Fergusson`s assistant for the next year or two while the old fella passes the reigns on.

  2. Nuno says:

    @Milkchew: Mourinho to Barça is the only impossible thing to happen, and his ego is just too big for him to become an assistant coach. I can see him going to anyone of Chelsea, City or United but to me the most surprising thing would indeed be him staying in Madrid. Not seeing that happen… so I wouldn’t bet against you Chris…

  3. barry says:

    #3 – He’ll go to a club that doesn’t have £200m to spend on players

  4. larryharry says:

    @barr so back to Porto where he had the most success in his career?

  5. Terry Shedingham says:

    You couldn’t have chosen a more perfect photo (and not just because of his expression)!

  6. Tozer says:

    I don’t see i’m going to United – he loves Chelsea far too much to join a rival. But i also don’t see him going to Chelsea as his whole situation with the owner probably isn’t fully ironed out. but the whole “It could be a destination where I have coached before” line leaves that Chelsea door wide open.

  7. Rob says:

    How come he can get away with this but players can’t?

  8. JoeT says:

    England manager? Portugal Manager?

  9. Mr. Ratburn says:

    He will replace Wenger at Arsenal. Ozil and Di Maria will follow him. You heard it here first.

  10. ramos says:

    The way Jose speaks about Man Utd, it’s clear he’s after that job, but I can’t see Fergie walking away for a couple of years yet so Jose will probably kill a bit of time managing PSG or somewhere in the middle east until the Utd job comes up.

  11. MrMac says:

    Chelsea seems unlikely – despite the fact how much i want it!.

    United also unlikely – unless ferguson pulls a shock and says “Ahh forget it” after this season.

    That leaves City in england.

    …unless JoeT is right and he might actually be england manager?

    How come i could see that happen?! that’d be epic for england.

  12. VinnyVenky says:

    Jose Mourinho & Michael Owen to become co-managers of Blackburn Rovers.

    You heard it hear first.

  13. Neil says:

    What a clown … I’ve enjoyed being spared his stupid mind games and pompous statements while he’s been away from the Premiership.

  14. Col says:

    Physio at Kettering Town.


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