Man Utd’s Patrice Evra Mocks Luis Suarez, Takes Bite Out Of Fake Arm After Winning Title (Photo)

Alan Duffy

22nd, April 2013


By Alan Duffy

Never one to let things go, Man Utd’s Patrice Evra celebrated his side’s title win at Old Trafford by having a little pop at his old friend Luis Suarez.

The French defender held aloft a fake plastic arm (which had been thrown from the stands) before pretending to take a Suarez-size bite out of it.

All good fun, I suppose! Or what the goons on Soccer Saturday would lazily refer to as ‘banter’.

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  1. Cam says:

    What a lad hahaha

  2. mardybum says:

    patrice evra the dirty lying crybaby cunt

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m not entirely sure it was aimed at Suarez to be honest. What he did would have been my exact reaction as well, it’s just not every day you see a plastic arm thrown onto the pitch.

  4. Saladinho says:


  5. Fat Nakago says:

    Good. It’s nice to know that Evra and Suarez have an equal amount of class, dignity, style, and culture. ((Filed for future use)).

  6. Neil says:

    what a tw*t

  7. Fitz says:

    Because, as Fat Nakogo rightfully points out, racial abuse and physical assault are completely equal with taking a pretend bite out of a plastic arm. Bravo, logic.

  8. Ryan says:

    You’re right, Fitz. Suarez is the bigger buffoon, but as much as he deserves whatever he gets, Patty could have taken the high road. Seems a bit petty to take that shot during a title celebration. Not the end of the world though.

  9. Jarren says:

    They’re not exactly mates, so what’s the problem in Evra doing this?

    The guy was racially abused.

    Suarez may be a decent enough guy off the field, but on it he’s a fucking cock.

    As you can see, Evra was on the field when he did this.

    What happens on the field stays on the field, in open play or not.

    Once you’re off it, you become the man and not the player.

    It’s obvious.

  10. Mother of God says:

    Stupid Frenchy le femme.

  11. syndex says:

    God damn you Evra for showing a sense of humour and maybe letting slip that you don’t like a player who has racially abused you. As for Evra and Suarez having the same amount of class, for all I know Evra could headbutt the elderly in his spare time but its unlikley he is scummy as Suarez who is looking at a full 3 match ban.

  12. tipo 00 says:

    there seems to be an awful lot of people getting upset about this. it’s just a joke, a bit of fun.

  13. L.Suarez says:

    Never mind, NEXT YEAR will be our year!…..

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