Old Habits: Robin Van Persie Almost Walks Into Wrong Changing Room At The Emirates (Video)

Chris Wright

29th, April 2013


By Chris Wright

Robin van Persie was on autopilot when he arrived at The Emirates ahead of Manchester United’s game against his old club yesterday, so much so that he almost took a wrong turn down Herpy Derpy Avenue and ended up in the Arsenal dressing room…


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  1. Vinnie says:

    still a c*nt

  2. TarsierPenis says:

    I think Vinnie misspelled Champion!

  3. Jarren says:

    Oh dear Vinnie, looks like you’ve swallowed too many jealousy pills.

    Face it: van Persie is a champion, so he wanted to go to a team who could BE champions.

    No disrespect to the Gunners, but even if you lot had of been lucky to keep van Persie you would be in the same position now.

    It’s like everyone keeps saying van Persie won United the league.

    That’s simply and factually not true.

    Did you see the BBC alternative table that showed current league positions removing team’s top scorers?

    Guess where United were.

  4. AFCNumber7Shirt says:

    Jarren, prime example of quoting random stats and then taking ridiculous leaps in logic. Guess where MUFC are without RVPs goals, even if arsenal didnt play him and banished him to the reserves Malouda-style. Not at the top. Easy to see why.

    • Col says:

      What!? Surely the “stat” about Van Persie’s goals winning Utd the league that people keep quoting IS the ridiculous leap in logic. It’s like saying if Scezny wasn’t in goal for Arsenal, they’d be relegated because they wouldn’t have a keeper – clearly not the case and, in the Van Persie, Utd would have someone else in the striker position who would’ve played differently but still perhaps scored goals (maybe as many) as RVP has.

      The thing people have forgotten is how bold a move Fergie made for a striker who had barely completed a whole season throughout his career due to injuries.

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