Cristiano Ronaldo: Winky Returns

Ollie Irish

9th, August 2006

Cristiano Ronaldo
has had his first run-out since the World Cup. Boo, hiss, he’s behind you etc.

Winky played for 72 minutes of Man U’s 4-1 friendly win against Oxford, and scored a couple of tasty goals with curling shots. Apart from a few boos (Man U fans cheered him, natch) from the panto-loving Oxford fans, it was pretty uneventful. A few chavs threw chewing gum at him, but I think he’ll cope – unless some of it got in his hair, in which case he’ll be devastated.

After the match, Alex Ferguson praised his young winger: ‘It was Cristiano’s first game back and I thought he handled it very well…’

Oxford boss Jim Smith was unimpressed with the behaviour of some of his team’s fans though: ‘You expect him to get booed at
places like Liverpool and Manchester City but to come here and hear
that is a bit disrespectful really.’ Classy guy, Jim Smith.

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