Robin Van Persie Sends Signed Photo To Ruddy-Faced Arsenal Troll Piers Morgan

Chris Wright

25th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

Having spent the entire season berating Robin van Persie on Twitter for – fairly sensibly as it turned out – leaving Arsenal to join Manchester United in pursuit of silverware last summer, wobble-chinned, spittle-flecked, so-pleased-with-himself-it-actual-manifests-as-physical-pain-in-others celebrity Gooner, Piers Morgan (otherwise and henceforth referred to as “Arsenal’s shame”) got his comeuppance yesterday evening when he received a little gift from the United press office courtesy of a certain Dutch striker.

In the package was a signed photo of the man Arsenal’s shame hilariously dubs “Van Pursestrings” with his lips pressed up against the Premier League trophy, along with a note that read: “Robin wanted you to have to this.”


The picture in question…


Well played Robin, well played indeed!

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  1. Oz says:


  2. Vinnie says:

    still a c*nt

  3. Sean A says:

    Still both* c*nts*

  4. Jarren says:


  5. martin says:

    Wow man utd win another trophy how amazing. If this continues to carry on then what is the point of football?Stars like this leave clubs like arsenal and man utd win trophies, then berate arsenal fans for finishing fourth. Is it really that surprising? Its not gonna make a difference that fergusons left, just watch. Whoever is in charge of this corporate machine will win titles left and right. Wenger would have no problem and would have them playing better football aswell.

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