Snapshot: Has Rio Ferdinand Got #5 Implanted In His Abdomen?

Chris Wright

29th, May 2013


By Chris Wright

This photo of Rio Ferdinand (taken on former Chelsea midfielder Jody Morris’ stag do in Marbella) is circulating today and appears to show that the Manchester United defender, along with his lovely matching baseball cap and undercrackers, may well have a #5 (i.e, his media company and brand) implanted subdermally in his abdomen…


Surely not? We’re fairly sure the photo’s not ‘shopped as it’s taken directly from Morris’ Twitter account and these subdermal things certainly exist.

While every fibre of our being is telling us that this is hokum/coincidence, we’ve just got a nagging feeling that Rio is the kind of berk who’d pay good money for that kind of thing.

What sayeth thou?

(Photo: @morriskid)