Transfer Toss: Man Utd Reject ‘£10m Plus Juan Mata Or David Luiz’ Offer From Chelsea For Wayne Rooney

Chris Wright

17th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Wayne Rooney Filer

It would appear that football has gone truly bonkers this morning with stories emerging that Manchester United knocked back an offer from Chelsea for Wayne Rooney last night, thus offering the “angry and confused” striker a way of his £250,000-a-week misery at Old Trafford. The poor lamb.

Anyway, The Times and BBC are reporting that shortly before close of play last night Chelsea lodged an opening bid of £10million with United then allowed them to take their pick from either Juan Mata or David Luiz in exchange for Rooney.

That’s cash + Mata for Rooney? We can’t imagine many Chelsea fans being happy with that arrangement. Why is Jose Mourinho so keen to move the Blues’ player of the season (for the last two seasons straight) on this summer? £10million + Luiz for Rooney is a little more tempting, but still…

Apparently United “flatly rejected” Chelsea’s opening gambit, but Roman Abramovich is expected to sanction an improved offer sooner rather than later.

It’s madness gone mad we tells ye, madness gone mad.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man utd should accept mata plus cash for rooney,because man u problem is midfied and it will be a plus to have mata in its midfied .moreso ,man u have the likes of van persie,kagawa to replace rooney.

  2. Asumah says:

    This is ridiculously embarrassing. Mata+ 10m. Pure shit.

  3. GulliBull says:

    Don’t believe this for one second. Manchester United offering 10 mil + Rooney for Mata sounds a lot more plausible. Unfortunately, some people will take this fabricated story as gospel.

  4. lordrt says:

    And yet United have rejected such an offer… this is madness indeed

  5. Matt says:

    £10m and Mata feels like a no brainer for a quality player, in an area we need to strengthen. £10m and Luiz however feels like a punch in the face given his behaviour in trying to get Rafeal sent off last season…

  6. leppystew says:

    If this is indeed the truth then utd are need to grab this offer with both hands. Mata is easily chelseas best player and the thought of him and kagawa forming an atacking partnership with VP up front is mouthwatering.
    Regarding rooney, thanks for the service, he was a great player for us but now he can f*ck off. the first sign hes not the big dog anymore and he starts trowing the toys out of the cot. No player is bigger than man utd.
    This isnt a big loss, Ronaldo was a big loss but it hasnt stopped us winning trophys, we should wring every penny we can outta chelsea here ala torres, schevchenko etc. Look at their record anyway, hes more than likely gonna flop

  7. AGM says:

    Throw in Lukaku and it’s a done deal!

  8. Jimmy says:

    Since when does WAATP simply regurgitate unsubstantiated rumours?


  9. dc says:

    This is so made up it doesn’t even qualify as toss

  10. fiddlesticks says:

    mata’s not ‘vertical’ enough for a mourinho team. rooneys a better fit

  11. sleeba says:

    This came from Daily Mail, so you see….
    Offering Eva might have worked though

  12. Ron says:

    How fucking depressing have things gotten when one huge club with too much money throws money at another huge club with too much money and it’s not enough.

    Not trying to be a curmudgeon or pessimist but the beautiful game is seriously fucked. Manchester, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real. In a race to make the most money the cuntbags at the top have forgotten it’s just a game, and a great one.

    I still love playing in my middle age, but stuff like this just turns me off to following the pros.A few corporations at the top running things, no different than the global economy. And guess what? As we all watch in awe, we’re the ones getting fucked over.

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