Bébé Come Back! Portuguese Flop Hides From Bailiffs At Man Utd Training Ground

Alan Duffy

21st, July 2013


By Alan Duffy

Soccer - Carling Cup - Third Round - Scunthorpe United v Manchester United - Glanford Park

Arguably the worst signing of Sir Alex Ferguson’s trophy-laden tenure at Manchester United, Portuguese misfit Bébé (yes is is still a United player!), is apparently in a bit of financial trouble after bailiffs, along with the police, visited the team’s Carrington training facilities last week to try and find the winger.

According to Goal.com, after the debt collectors were initially refused entry to the training complex by security staff, they returned with the police in tow but couldn’t find the £7million uber-flop, who spent last season on loan in Portugal.

Reports suggest that Bébe may have hidden in the boot of a team-mate’s car to dodge his pursuers but the incident is sure to have irked new boss David Moyes who will now be eager to throw Bebe out, bathwater and all.

Photo: PA

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  1. usrick says:

    No need for the strained Bebe with the bathwater joke – the story was funny enough on its own.

  2. Francis says:

    I’m not usually uppety about things like this. But I find i difficult o laugh at this.
    It’s obvious that Bebe was a pawn in some Shady deal to line the pockets of an agent. (possibly to facilitate future transfers??).

    Poor kid.

  3. MMC says:

    Poor Bebe..

  4. KenDoglish says:

    Word around anfailed is that Liverpool are preparing a £45mil bid for him to secure the return of the league trophy to it’s rightful home

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