Video of Ronaldo getting abuse at Oxford


9th, August 2006


We’re going to play a game. First, press play on the YouTube video below and close your eyes. See if you can guess when Christiano Ronaldo gets the ball in Man Yoo’s friendly against Oxford…

Mof Gimmers

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  1. Ollie, Editor says:

    That is depressing – what a bunch of brainless sheep

  2. Joe says:

    Diving ruined the World Cup. Despite the unquestioned skill of players like Ronaldo, people really cant be bothered to watch this crap if the diving is going to continue. Where have the David Batty-types gone?

  3. mof gimmers says:

    I think that all the booing was mere pantomime and I’m sure C.Ronaldo gets a kick out of it. That said, it’s only right that fans should be able to voice their opinions from the terraces… that’s what makes football so great. As long as it aint of a rascist nature, banter is the last great thing in football.