Man Utd Set To Sign The Best Striker In Spain?

Ollie Irish

24th, February 2010


By Ollie Irish


Freshly baked rumours suggest that Man Utd are very, very interested in signing Valencia striker David Villa this summer. Fergie even sent his brother Martin – who is also a United scout – to watch Villa play against Getafe (he scored twice) recently, with a view to preparing an offer Valencia can’t refuse in the next transfer window.

If Valencia fail to reach the Champions League this season – an unlikely scenario, admittedly, as they’re currently third in the table and going well – then Villa will surely be sold, with United at the head of a star-studded queue (Chelsea and Man City might want a sniff too). And even though the player has appeared reluctant to leave his native Spain, a serious United bid (£30m +) would force the issue. Of course, United might have to sell first (Welbeck, Owen, Berbatov?) to come up with the cash for Villa.

For my bread, Villa is the best natural striker in Spain and his arrival at Old Trafford would take a lot of the heat of Wayne Rooney, who has been something of a one-man army up front this season. Rooney/Villa would form a way more dangerous partnership than Roo/anyone else at United – all of Roo’s flicks and short passes would be ideal ammo for Villa’s quick feet.

Rumour: Mirror

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  1. mizman says:

    this would be immense

  2. united4rva says:

    Berbatov is 100 times better than Villa; Berba provides – Rooney scores – if Villa comes Rooney will not shine as he is shining now – we certainly do not want thos. Berbatov is the best possible Rooney partner and both Rooney and SAF know it.

  3. Marc says:

    What a pitty then for United that David Villa isn’t interested.

  4. robert longster says:

    berbatov is not world class and is not class for utd….utd are an attacking side we dont sit back and we dont play footsy with other players…..berbatov does and to cap it off 30m for someone who can barely reach ten goals a season? please villa is worth the 30m+ and gives u more options up front…berba is a mix of anderson+nistelrooy….the bad qualitys of each….anderson can get a goal while roy stands around in the 18yrd box, get my point…rooneys has done well but would do better with a player that thinks like him…oh and most goals for rooney have come from valencia out on the wing so dont give me berba lays him alot of balls to score check the stats first before u make comments. villa will help break down defences just like rooney and they would work perfectly i watch the spanish league and villa is a team player not a solo poof like that idiot ronaldo….one of our worst players mentally…as he was above himself. im a utd fan for 28yrs and and rooney is one of the best since “besty” ronaldo was a stroppy little boy who through his rattle out of the pram when he was subbed… he always got in a strop,, and i will never forgive him for wat he did to rooney in the world cup…… we should have sold him then the team comes first not trophys

  5. robert longster says:

    i mean anderson CANT score

  6. Gilly says:

    Sell Berbatov at £15 million Welbeck at £10 million Diouf at £10 million
    That gets £35 million plus the tiny £25 million summer budget
    Ajax’s 23 year old hitman Luis Suarez would be £35 million
    Real 22 year old hitman Karim Benzema would be £25 million
    Also please sell that woefull arse Anderson for about £15 million
    Toulouse 21 year old talisman Moussa Sissoko would be £25 million

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