Chris Smalling Apologises For Wearing ‘Suicide Bomber’ Costume To Fancy Dress Party

Chris Wright

9th, January 2014


By Chris Wright


(Image: The Sun, via Guardian)

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling has publicly apologised for, in his words, the “ill-thought out and insensitive decision”to attend a party dressed as a suicide bomber.

According to the Guardian, Smalling and his girlfriend arranged a private fancy dress party to belatedly celebrate both Christmas and their dual birthdays last night, with the United centre-half attending dressed as ‘The Jagerbomber’, i.e, a generic middle-Eastern terrorist outfit with Red Bull and Jagermeister strapped to it.


Smalling’s management company, the Wasserman Media Group, have been quick to get their apology out, releasing the following statement early this morning:

“Chris and his girlfriend hosted a fancy dress party to celebrate Christmas and their belated birthdays with close friends in the assumed privacy of his own home.

“He dressed in a costume consisting of empty bottles of jagermeister and cans of Red Bull strapped to his chest in an attempted comedy play on the popular ‘jager bomb drink’.

“Although he fully accepts in hindsight it was an ill-thought out and insensitive decision, absolutely no harm was intended whatsoever and he apologises for any offence caused.”

Of course, the internet is already all over this, with pictures of Smalling’s ‘live apology’ from Carrington already doing the rounds…


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  1. Dave says:

    That is so funny, people are so sensitive these days why should he apologise for having a sense of humor

  2. Ash says:

    Hilarious ! Smalling the ledge ahaha

  3. Ross says:

    I have seen numerous people wear a similar costume out and about…the difference here is that this was worn in the privacy of his own home with so called mates.
    Fair enough he has apologised (for dressing up in his own home), I bet he is livid with the person that leaked the pic, hope he finds out and gives them a Tom Cleverley esque challenge!

  4. Ambivalent Arab says:

    I completely agree with comments 1&2, why on earth is Hitzlsperger a ‘Winner’ for proclaiming his sexuality? 90% of people who read this dross will not give a monkey’s about it and find the Smalling thing quite amusing. The media just repeatedly grind out the same old ‘politically correct’ blurb which is supposed to reflect our modern day standpoint.


  5. Anonymous says:

    why have man utd not sacked this terrorist

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