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Keira Knightley Thinks Gary Neville’s Commentary Is, And We Quote, ‘Just F**king Amazing’

By Chris Wright

Britain Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit European Premiere

Since making his post-retirement move into the meeja, Gary Neville has, quite rightly, been festooned with plaudits for his sensible, passionate and intelligent punditry for Sky Sports, almost instantly accruing himself a phalanx of appreciative fans – one of which is actress Keira Knightly, who’s world has apparently been rocked by The Nev’s insight and tactical astuteness.

Asked about what’s floating her boat at the moment during an interview with the Fashion Telegraph, Knightley professed of her love for Red Nev and his impressively solid punditry chops, gushing:

“[Neville] is just f**king amazing! Absolutely f**king amazing! His commentary…Well, it’s just amazing. He’s amazing.

“They’ve added loads of other [pundits] alongside him now, but I preferred it when it was pure Gary Neville.”

Neville then promptly took to Twitter to post his response…

The Class of 92 world premiere - London

“Awwwww yyyyyeeeeeah…”

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By Chris on March 17th, 2014 in Man Utd, Media, Newsnow. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

11 Responses to “Keira Knightley Thinks Gary Neville’s Commentary Is, And We Quote, ‘Just F**king Amazing’”

  1. Remember Sex God? says:

    Ah, Gary Neville. An undisputed Sex God.

  2. Straight Dave says:

    I’ve never understood the fascination with Keira Knightley. She’s like a surfboard. Not attractive.

  3. Joe says:

    Gary Neville
    You’ve got quite a rep
    Gary Neville
    better than Johnny Depp
    Gary Neville
    Like Jacko you’re Bad
    Neville Neville
    Is the name of your dad

  4. KingB3113 says:

    Get in there Gary!

  5. Rob says:

    “I’ve never understood the fascination with Keira Knightley. She’s like a surfboard.”

    Do you mean that you rub wax on her, lie on her, then wait for a big swell?

  6. Gazz says:

    @Rob 10/10 for you sir

  7. TravisKOP says:

    I agree with her. I spent my entire life hating him for being a manc then he gave is masterclass on diving and his punditry instantly won me over

  8. Jarren says:

    That’s a scoregasm right there surely!

  9. Nuall says:

    By British standards, she is probably considered attractive? Then again Madonna is the most attractive English woman and she is a 65 year old American.

  10. squiggle says:

    I think she’s gorgeous. Not that you have to be that thin to be gorgeous but she is and she is.

    Also, she seems like she’d be fun to something, or nothing, with, like watch a match or get drunk.

  11. Jarren says:

    There’s little point arguing over a woman’s beauty.

    Fact is, we all like different things in women.

    Personally, I think she’s ok. Nothing special, but wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

    Keira does seem to divide opinion more than most, though.

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