Reaction: David Moyes Sacked By Man Utd As Another Loveless Arranged Marriage Goes Down The Spout

Chris Wright

22nd, April 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - David Moyes Filer

David Moyes: At least he tried

Good of them to hold off until after the Bank Holiday, but after rumours starting swilling on Monday afternoon, David Moyes has been sacked by Manchester United after just 10 months in charge at Old Trafford.

United have exercised remarkable patience by modern footballing standards, though it would seem an 11th league defeat of the season and the fact that the loss against Everton signalled that Champions League qualification had officially become a mathematical impossibility (the first time United haven’t qualified for top-tier European football in 19 years) was the final nail in the coffin.

Moyes was then sacked by United via Twitter – such is modern football, though, for what little it’s worth, he leaves the club with better first-season W/D/L stats than Fergie and a better overall win percentage than Sir Matt Busby!

Truth be told, Sir Alex’s succession has been a bit of a cock-up. A doomed, awkward, loveless mess of an arranged sham marriage. Indeed, we’re left wondering if Fergie fought for Moyes before he was cut loose this morning or if he merely asked for a do-over, accepting that his Glaswegian heir had blown his chance.

Moyes should’ve blustered in through the doors at Carrington, slapped his testicles on every desk and howled at the moon in a flurry of mad testosterone. Instead he thanked everyone for his opportunity, referred to United as underdogs multiple times, signed Marouane Fellaini and was polite to everybody. Even his bloody tactics were polite. United needed a bastard. He was too nice.

This may also have been a problem…



Honest Dave tried, bless ‘im – and he certainly won’t struggle to find work again – but, in hindsight, he just wasn’t ready to have the proverbial rocket strapped to his arse and be pushed to the moon, if you’ll excuse the old territory wrestling parlance.

Incidentally, that is now ten Premier League managers that have been sacked during 2013/14 – the largest total since the league’s inception in 1992.

Ryan Giggs has been put in temporary charge and Nicky Butt is now the assistant manager of Manchester United Football Club.

Dwell on that for a while.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Every Liverpool FC fan must be in dream world this morning – sitting pretty at the top of league and Man United in turmoil. What an amazing season this is!!

  2. One Man Went to Mow says:

    Chris, please set up a Pies style website for Wrestling!

  3. Daithi Ryan says:

    So finally the Glazers & co have bitten the bullet and made the decision to remove David Moyes as manager.
    Unfortunately far too late to save the season and far too late to see United in Europe next season, that is unless the players all take their holidays on the mainland!
    Sir Alex believed Moyes was more than capable of continuing the successes but as was all too obvious after just a few months (or should that be weeks?), Moyes fell well short of the requirements of a United manager.
    Being a good manager of an ‘average’ club justifies a certain level of success but at United that level is way above ‘average’ and anything less is plainly unacceptable!
    It seems the Glazers took Sir Alex’s words on trust that Moyes could handle the job at Old Trafford but surely his CV was a giveaway with no trophies or Championships won in all his years as a manager. This would never have occurred in a typical business scenario!
    Moyes has match after match deployed players out of their best positions, displayed a complete lack of knowledge of tactics particularly when plan ‘a’ has failed and did himself no favours in the Summer by persuing a lost cause in Fabregas, by buying Fellaini in a panic move (who is clearly not a United type of player) and dismissing the talents of Kagawa who with Rooney against Bayer Leverkusen tore them apart.
    The United squad of course are not blameless either but when the previous backroom staff were replaced with others who had either a limited knowledge of how things worked or had no knowledge at all, the writing was surely on the wall and so it has been proved. A big, big mistake in letting so many years of hard work and experience go to waste.
    Now the search begins for the RIGHT man to put United back where they should be, as one of the top European clubs and the best in the Premier League.
    Various names have been put forward by newspapers and websites but for me there is only one name that stands out and that is Jurgen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund!
    Barcelona are reported to be interested in him to which Klopp has announced he still has a love affair with Dortmund and will see out his contract which ends in 2018. Now I have no idea if he speaks Spanish but if not maybe that would explain his comment whereas he does speak very good English and that would mean he could come to Old Trafford and not have the problem of having to use interpreters to communicate with his players.
    So would Klopp actually come to United?
    In answer to that I ask, how many times does a manager get the opportunity to manage a top European club in his career and looking at Dortmund they are likely to be in Bayern Munich’s shadows for some years to come not forgetting that their best players are leaving almost each season (Lewandowski very soon and Reus may be the next?). That does not happen at United and given that situation, would Klopp be able to turn down the chance if it was offered to him?
    I would hope not but he is his own man and may well do just that and stay at Dortmund which in my opinion would be a great shame as he has all the attributes to become one of the best managers around.
    As for the other managers being touted ie Van Gaal, Simeone etc, I don’t see Van Gaal being appointed as he is too old for United to be their manager for more than maybe a few years creating yet another manager search and Simeone is not going to leave Atletico Madrid particularly as he is likely to win La Liga and could possibly win the Champions League too!
    Then there is Ryan Giggs but even with his considerable United background, managing a club like United is not for a novice and for that reason I’m sure he must be counted out.
    The Glazers will this time surely be much more careful in whom they appoint but whoever it is will have successes in abundance on his CV and not just a list of ambitions or near misses. Ambitions are fine but they must go along with a list of achievements and in United’s case that means trophies and Championships and Klopp has a number of those on his CV!

  4. Jeremia says:

    That leaving the FA Cup in third round, Ferguson did it only once… well, so did Moyes, let ‘im stay!

  5. bob says:

    dear Daithi Ryan, cba reading that

  6. Roy Nistel says:

    Who ate all the Moyes?

  7. JLBK says:

    @Daithi Ryan TLDR but what I did read was mostly reactionary BS. What our fans don’t like to admit is this is a team that wasn’t good enough to win the league last year. Sir Alex definitely got the most out of the players but we were also extremely fortunate to have won some of the matches we did and have our rivals drop points when they did. Bottom line is this is a team that overacheived last year and we are seeing the reality of that this year.

    I’m not wholeheartedly defending Moyes because I agree with the lack of tactics and poor team selection at times. But the squad needed (and still needs) a lot of work and I agree that Moyes didn’t do enough in the transfer window. However, I do believe (as I’ve said here plenty of times) that the team are not performing like they should be. Whichever way you are set up, you are still professional footballers and should be performing week in and week out. United are less a “Club” and more of a culture. If you are fortunate enough to put on the shirt, you play for the badge, not the manager or the press or awards and trophies. If I learned one thing from Sir Alex, it’s that if you play for the badge, trophies and glory will come.

    To me, this is just an amateur move by the Glazers who are showing their true colors now that they don’t have a manager that commands the kind of performances that Sir Alex did. Whoever they appoint next will be out the door in fewer months if the team don’t wake up and start playing for the badge.

  8. Bruno says:

    Van Gaal is too ordinary for man utd. He’s good but they need a great one. Maybe Klopp… I have a feeling that Giggs will be a genius manager. Maybe test him for a season, I don’t know.

    But van gaal definitely not.

  9. Pseudonymus Bosch says:

    I think Van Gaal will be great, he masterminded Barcelona’s revival post-Joan Gaspart the duckwit, put a lot of trust in Bayern Munich’s youth (reshaped the winger Schweinsteiger into a world-class CM he is now), and more importantly, plays attacking football (to the point where playing defensive would’ve been wiser).

  10. M says:

    Reminds me of when clough took over at Leeds.

  11. Fat Nakago says:

    This reminds me of when the Green Bay Packers hired Dan Devine to replace Vince Lombardi and the fired him and hired Bart Starr and then Forrest Gregg in a vain attempt to recapture the former glory.

    After Lombardi left, we waited 29 years ((TWENTY-NINE!!!)) before we won another Super Bowl.

    Brace yourselves Man U fans. The worst is yet to come.

  12. doodlemaster says:

    I would like to nominate chris’ mom for next utd manager

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