Man Utd To Move For Pair Of Everton Starlets

Chris Wright

16th, March 2010


By Chris Wright

Leave a tender moment alone

Manchester United are reportedly preparing a huge summer double bid for two of Everton’s highly-rated young stars in Jack Rodwell and Dan Gosling.

Rodwell is said to be Sir Alex Ferguson’s priority signing and although his Everton counterpart David Moyes is reluctant to lose the midfielder, Ferguson is hoping an £8 million-up-front bid (plus hefty additional payments relating to appearances/England caps) may be enough to tempt The Toffee’s into cashing in.

Meanwhile, £4.5 million-rated Gosling is said to have impressed Fergie with his versatility and adaptability this season and, with the new ‘homegrown’ regulations set to be implemented soon, the United manager is understandably keen to add some young English talent to his ranks.

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  1. Ollie says:

    everton fans will not like this at all

  2. GQ says:

    Pathetic journalism, what else can we talk about, eh?
    Moyes has already stated that Everton do NOT need to sell, that ALL of his players are staying (Rodwell just signed 5 year deal, happy at the club, etc.)
    Absolutely pathetic – get real, get a life, but most of all GET something more realistic to publish

  3. Shanks says:

    Fergie…when did you close down the Utd Academy?

  4. Adam says:

    Gosling can go, he isnt the best. But Rodwell for 8 mill up front, well you may get his toe nail

  5. GQ says:

    In fact, looking at the contents of this website (my first and LAST visit!) – Home, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Photos, Quiz, etc, sums this website up totally.
    Biased and full of the repetitive media crap that all plastic fans and mutant fans adore…..says it all

  6. Jack says:

    PMSL @ “Ferguson is hoping an £8 million-up-front bid (plus additional payments relating to appearances/England caps”

    Why not Everton pay Man Utd instead?

  7. Chringle says:

    @GQ: Lighten up a bit Chief, it’s only a rumour!

  8. george says:

    Why don’t you write about Rooney to Real madrid for #80M after the world cup. Everton get #10M of that and glazer’s get #70M to pay the interest this year. The red knights can keep waving their green n gold scarves and your best payer won’t be a scouser any more

  9. Anonymous says:

    Garbage report which reflects badly on the standard of journalism on this website. Firstly its old news, second its a innacurate. Third it would take a bid of £30 Million plus to buy Rodwell ( FEC,Future England Captain ) . Furthermore , if we did sell him it would be against the better judgement of Moyes and all Everton fans.
    If you have bothered to see him play ( in real life and not on Soccer AM) then you would see that £8 Milion is not only rediculous but an insult. Comprende?

  10. Ollie says:

    Have to agree that £8m for Rodwell is WAY too low. I’d rate him right now at around £15-18m.

  11. bloggs says:

    @Chris Wright,

    If you find a turd in the street, do you pick it up and cary it around with you? No? Then why do you continue to circulate this shit and call it news?

  12. Chringle says:

    @bloggs: I can’t help but feel you’ve taken an inoffensive article about a rumour(which is actually being bandied around by a good few other sites and a national newspaper) way too seriously.

  13. RICHIE says:

    The journalism of this report must rate as the most inacurite peice of crap, u can forget Rodwell and anyother going the same way as shithouse rooney go book your nursing home ferguson

  14. syndex says:

    I hate to remind people if moyes does not want to sell a player he will make sure that the side tha want him will either give up or pay double what he is worth. and if he can bleed shiteh for 22.5M for lescott he will take 30+ for rodwell and gosling we will look for 10M+

  15. Fletch says:

    Pathetic, did you just make this up whilst eating donuts in your lunch break ? Where do you get your news..other crap sites I’m guessing. Why not do some investigative journalism of your own and approach EFC and ask them the same thing.

    Your a joke and I certainly wont be visiting this site anymore.

  16. Ollie says:

    I totally understand Everton fans being very VERY defensive, especially over Rodwell, who is a massive star in the making. Objectively though, it’s almost certain that Man Utd will try to poach him, as they did with Wazza Rooney. Sad but true.

  17. scouser says:

    if united want rodwell i believe everton should be telling red nose fergie to start the bidding at £25mil, then united, chelsea and city fight can fight it out for his signature, as for gosling again lets start the bidding at £10mil, personally i hope both stay at the club and see how things go in the next 3 years, they will still be young plus their value will rise

  18. Wazza says:

    @Chringle: I can see GQ’s point of view and agree with him fully. This site needs to go out and find real “news” and not keep repeating other crap from News of the World et al!!! This story came out months ago. Since then Rodwell has signed a 5 year deal and Moyes has repeatedly stated his case about players NOT being sold. He even stated that the Rooney saga was a totally different situation.
    I believe that the days are long gone where Everton have to sell when a club come calling – unless, as in Lescotts case, they want money above all else!!!!
    I also KNOW that Rodwell is not that type of money-mercenary!

  19. Chringle says:

    @Wazza: I’m still covering the ‘actual’ news of the day (Balotelli’s omission etc) but I’m also charged with delivering all the latest disposable gossip too!

    I know it’s fluff, you know it’s fluff – but it does serve a purpose. It can encourage a response (be it positive of negative) and/or debate from fans.

    Some of it (the article above, for example) is fairly obviously and unashamedly filler, but that is the nature of the beast. Rumours continually circulate within the game and I just present them to you – believe me, there is far less realistic gossip than this that does the rounds on a daily basis!

  20. Wazza says:

    Then cover it properly.

    You state that Fergie wants him and him and him and him. All rumours.l Why don’t you report the FULL story – that Moyes has stated he’s NOT for sale and that Rodwell has stated himself that he is happy after JUST signing a 5 year contract.
    After all, you are supposed to report the news, aren’t you?

  21. Shanks says:

    Fergie wants `new’ Bridge!

    “It’s a disgrace that, in this day and age, there is only one bridge over the Mersey. The Runcorn-Widnes Bridge can’t cope any more; am additional, 4-lane bridge is vital for the area”, said Man U manager, 71

  22. Chringle says:

    @Wazza: Moyes also stated that Rooney and Lescott (who both professed to being happy at Everton somewhere down the line) weren’t for sale at one point.

    Would you seriously be surprised if Rodwell ended up at United sooner rather than later? I know I wouldn’t.

    Anyway, you’ve just got to take articles like this with a pinch of salt. Tomorrow’s chip paper and all that…

  23. Hate dippers says:

    You stupid scouse retards eight million up front equates to a possible deal of 25 million. To get eight mill for any player up front is big bucks. Then again you’re all a bunch of thick c*nts so we can’t blame you retards really. Next well teach you the alphabet.

  24. Andre says:

    Wow, a lot of you Everton fans still hurt over us taking Wazza huh? Get over it and wait until the deadline is over and you (maybe) have Rodwell still at Goodison before you continue bashing this site.

  25. Simon says:

    I have a feeling that if Man Utd come in seriously for Rodwell then the player will not turn down the move. It is a huge opportunity to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world and in the champions league on a regular basis. For players, that is what football is all about.

    Some people have clearly failed to read the article. It says 8m up front but with hefty add-ons. Most transfer fees for young players are done this way. Rooney cost 27M in total but only 20M of it was paid up front. The rest was in clauses. The Rodwell transfer will be similar. I can imagine anything from 10m to 15M up front with another 10m to 15M in add ons, making the eventual price (should he be successful) between 20M and 30M. This seems fair for a player of his age and potential.

    Everton fans are very defensive because it must hurt to see your best players consistently poached but it is unrealistic to think they can hold onto their top talent forever. The wages and possibilities a club like Manchester United can offer Rodwell far exceed that of what Everton could ever hope to. Sadly in this day and age boyhood loyalty plays little part.

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  27. TONY says:

    To hate dippers ,why don`t you just do 1 you skanky manc cunt?

  28. ian feetham says:

    AS comments and insults are flying thick and fast between Everton
    and Man United supporters we must not lose sight that the young
    players involved it is their decision,to choose the path they
    take, and hopefully it will bring them success wherever they
    play, be it Everton or some other club.

  29. Dale says:

    Goose and Rodders won’t be leaving. I can guarantee that.

    Next question.

  30. Dave says:

    Up ur arse whisky nose your not gettin them at any price never mind 8m.

  31. george says:

    @ simon.
    “The wages and possibilities a club like Manchester United can offer Rodwell far exceed that of what Everton could ever hope to. Sadly in this day and age boyhood loyalty plays little part…”
    More insulting arrogant United crap. The major factor united is such a worldwide brand and now have such financial power is cos they crashed a plane in 1958 and the world felt sorry for them! You have failed to keep Tevez or Ronaldo this year. Tell City they can’t hope to chalenge United now – all it took was an arab! After the world cup will Rooney (your main goal scorer) really stay, when Real put the money on the table and he knows Fergie is off within a 12 months. Why do you think the green n gold thing started? to sell scarves! The Glazers won’t sell – just like they keep the buccaneers in the NFL they will bleed United as long as they can! your club is in financial turmoil, you have 150000 “supporters” signed up to challenge the owners,you are THE MOST indebted club in the world! you can NOT afford to buy other premier league club’s players.

  32. bloggs says:

    @ Chringle,

    No. It’s not an inoffensive little article. It’s a turd that you picked up in the street and are now waving under people’s noses. You’d like to say it’s inoffensive – other people are doing it, and besides, you know how it goes, it’s just a bit of filler – but it’s not that way at all. As you say, Moyes said Lescott and Rooney weren’t for sale. And they weren’t. But both of them had their heads turned by grasping pigs of agents after the main chance, The Big One, by turd-hopping managers who believe their money makes them proof against everything including any kind of standards, and by disgusting little journos who go on and on and on and on until eventually the story becomes real just to shut them the fuck up!!! It’s not inoffensive. It’s a turd, and you’re a turd-hopper for picking it up and waving it under our noses….

  33. Rodders for England says:

    Dear hate dippers. Please let me know when you have grasped primary school puntuation. It’s really not hard now, and then, maybe you will avoid sentences like; “Next well teach you the alphabet.” I, for one, can’t wait!

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