Jose Mourinho Won’t Quit Chelsea But He Might Manage Manchester United (One Day)

Paul Sorene

23rd, May 2015


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Good old Jose Mourinho has done it again, supplying the news biz with very usable quotes. Does he see himself managing an English club other than Chelsea, say, Manchester United?

“I see myself coaching another club, yes, but I love Chelsea and I am in Mr Abramovich’s hands and until then I am here,” says Mourinho on the BBC’s Football Focus.

“The day Mr Abramovich thinks I am not good enough for Chelsea, I want to work, and if possible in England too.”

Having reminded Roman that loyalty cuts two ways, Mourinho, whose obduracy, winning habit and barbs let him burrow beneath a rival’s skin, adds:

“Until Mr Abramovich says, I don’t see myself going. Any club comes to me now and offers me a fantastic project, offers me twice my wages in the contract at Chelsea, no chance.”

It’s not hard to imagine Manchester United’s board hearing that and reaching for their calculators.

If they think spending the best part of £60million on Angel Di Maria was a good idea, which they did, spending the same on Mourinho looks like a sound investment?

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  1. fred says:

    There’s no doubt Mourinho was angling for the United job when his time was coming to a close at Real and Fergie was about to retire – just listen to all the sycophantic plaudits and tributes he paid to them and the english league. He wasn’t wanted by United’s board because of the trouble he can bring, his controversial media-loving nature, and his personal conduct issues. But it was a no-lose situation for Mourinho: either get his dream job or go back to Chelsea where everyone loves him.

  2. David Hoffenheim says:

    Copy and pasting tabloids must be really hard
    lol jk

  3. one man went to mow says:

    So no actual quotes about Man Utd at all then.

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