Join Our Man Utd – Bayern Munich Live Web Debate! (And Win A Footy Shirt)

Ollie Irish

7th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Want to know how your football wit/intellect can win you a FREE football shirt? Read on…

This evening, Who Ate All The Pies will be hosting a live web debate during the Man Utd vs Bayern Champions League clash.

This means you can comment live during the match. Why bother? Well, how about the lure of a juicy prize? We have one football shirt – of your choice – to give away to the fan who comes up with the best comment (as judged by me) during Wednesday’s match.

Get involved right NOW!

1. Get your laptop, go to and sign in. It will only take a few seconds to register but it’s best to do this before the game.

2. Switch on your TV.

3. Join the “UEFA Champions League” chat after 7.30pm on The game starts at 7.45pm on ITV1, but feel free to offer your thoughts on the ITV crew and experts before kick-off.

4. Ollie (that’s me!) will be live (and fully clothed, probably), waiting for your comments and ready to chat back.

5. Enjoy the game and the banter!

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  1. lee jones says:

    Goodnight Alex Ferguson, go on dink dowwwn you go! You could see the pain in his eyes that his times running out to overtake Liverpool as the most successfull club, thats his goal and he knows his times running out haha, I fuckin love it.He`s 68 and he knows FULL WELL he`s not gonna achieve 5 major trophies and overtak…e Liverpool, he has to retire sooner or later. He`ll NEVER achieve what Liverpool achieved and that really pisses him off BEING SECOND BEST haha. Goodnight whisky cheeks,stay on your 3 European cups dowwn fergie dowwwwwn, no ferguson dowwwwwwn no ifs or buts ferguson dowwwwwn you go

  2. a final word on last nights match:
    nani is a silly name
    reminds me of when hulk hogan did that ill advised film, ‘the nanny’
    although he is finally starting to play, one from the bendtner school of ‘i need a humbling before i start being good’ school of career progression
    that is all

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