Which Three Man Utd Players Must Alex Ferguson Sell This Summer?

Ollie Irish

8th, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

You are United’s weakest links. Goodbye…

Sad Berba

A hypothesis:

You are Alex Ferguson. Come the end of the season, when your United team has won only the League Cup, finished second in the Premier League and been knocked out in the quarter finals of the Champions League, you take a long, hard look at your squad…

Which three players do you choose to get rid of? The Berba? Anderson?

Let’s be having you… (and feel free to suggest who United might replace them with)

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  1. Alex Mellows says:

    Berba, replace with Dzeko
    Anderson, replace with Jovetić
    Owen, raplce with Vucinic

    Not sure how much money they have to spend, but they are definitely too light weight in terms of strikers.

  2. rgzirian says:

    Not counting Michael Owen, it has to be berba, carrick and anderson. Even though I think it would be right to give Anderson another year where he is not injured and has a chance to play consistently….hopefully he can have a rebirth like the one nani is apparently having.

  3. syndex says:

    owen (crocked and overated) – defoe (they would knacker defenders by half time)
    hargreaves (players ot for 19 months do not come back at any more than 50% of there talent)- Witsel (talented midfielder who happens to be evil in his spare time)
    berba (How many times will a radio 5 commentator say the word larconic when they mean lazy) – hulk (for no other reason than I really want a player called hulk in the prem and he is the threat outside the box that with scholes getting on they don’t have)

  4. alex says:

    berba stays.

    vidic, anderson, park leave, and after last night, throw rafael in there too

  5. Souksonne says:

    Park has to stay. Talismanic performances this season.

    Berbie-doll, Anderson and Vidic to go replaced by Dzeko, Rodwell and Kjaer/Chiellini respectively. But we also have Smalling coming in at central defence, so that could be more interesting – not to mention cheaper – than the other two defenders I mentioned…

  6. Ben says:

    Really nobody.
    1.It might be Carrick,who has terrible season, but Fergie won`t do this.
    2.May be Hargreaves,but it depends from his health situation.
    3.Berba is just not that kind of forward.I suppose he will have at least one season.
    4.Ando is a great prospect,he`ll stay.
    And I would like to see Gourcuff in Man United squad.

  7. Anonymous says:

    berbatov, carrick and scholes

  8. Jamie says:

    Carrick – Very poor under pressure.
    Berbatov – Lack of movement, not suited to United’s style of play.
    Hargreaves – If he isn’t fit for pre-season it’s a lost cause.

    United must buy another forward to partner Rooney and they need a world class attacking midfielder and a ball winner in the middle.

  9. syndex says:

    I can’t be the onlyone who can see defoe being a great signing for man utd especially as they could probably grab hime for 10M

  10. Edward Gareth says:

    1. Berba, a slow coach. Cant match uniteds style of play. 2. Scholes cant keep up the pace. 3. Foster, conceding 11 goals in 10 matches is not a Manutd trait!

  11. Dave says:

    Berbatov and Carrick to go… Anderson to stay he is a sublime prospect and with Gibson and the returning Cleverly will provide you youthful exuberance to and ageing midfield. Owen is unreliable and should be replaced. Rooney Bennzema and Macheda up front with maybe Wellbeck. Foster should be let go and replace by Hugo Lloris. Bring De Rossi in for experience and strength.

  12. Christian says:

    Berbatov – it just doesn’t fit, replace with David Villa or Sam Eto
    Anderson – hasn’t come along as promised, Ribery would be amazing
    Carrick – doesn’t deliver in the big games, Gourcuff would be good.

    Would make for a pretty hefty transfer bill though.

    Can they just bring back Roy Keane? I’d give anything to see him and Viera go at it again.

  13. Grognard says:

    1. Berbatov – I personally love the guy but he is a square peg trying to fit into a round hole and it’s just not working.
    2. Anderson – There have been very few players I have ever taken a real disliking to when playing for United, but this guy gets on my nerves. Can’t wait until I can say good riddance to bad rubbish when it comes to this talentless muppet.
    3. Ben Foster – Many have forgotten just how useless and truly awful this lad is when in goal. I haven’t. Be gone with him and his poor keeper mechanics.

    1. Jack Rodwell – The midfield needs a wakeup call and this player reminds me of a young Michael Ballack who plays box to box and can even score goals.
    2. Manuel Neur – The best young keeper in the world and no chance of getting him now after Fergie’s “typical Germans” line confirmed what i have known all along, Fergie hates Germans.
    3. Karim Benzema – I’m not a fan but the lad has skills. Problem is he also has attitude. But a season sitting on the bench at Madrid will have cleansed him of his misconceptions and attitude and he could be just what Fergie has been craving all along

  14. ćwiras says:



    two decent midfielders: playmaker and defensive
    decent striker to supplement Rooney

  15. Budalangi,kericho kenya says:

    Berbatov-kun aguero
    owen(mike)- villa

  16. Huzaifa Abdullahi Muhammad says:

    In my op. Berbatov should be the first exit from ot this summer bcos too slow for united style.should be replaced by villa/torres.Foster should be the second;for carrick he’s talented but always quite in big clashes.Ifhargreaves is fit hopefully the midfield is ok,if not the right man is de rossi.Anderson should be given a final chance next season.

  17. I would sell ANDERSON, DIOUF, FOSTER and BERBATOV.


    D. Villa, some very good goalie for the future and a creative midfielder… someone like Iniesta, Fabregas, Lampard, Xavi or a young Scholes. A midfielder who can score goals and made them. Don’t need to be very good at defence as we already have Fletcher, Hargreaves and Carrick (come on he’e not bad). I think what we need is attack power… we only have ROONEY and look what happens when we don’t have him.

    And give Michael Owen a chance. He’s never going to be a regular but he CAN score goals when players like Berbatov hide thenselves or just miss it.
    Give him one chance in a big game and i’m sure he will score.

  18. K says:

    I wish, wish, wish Carrick would go. Been saying this for years now, but Fergie bums him for some reason.

  19. Kylie says:

    I’m seriously sick of all the Berba-bashing, he had a great run the last few weeks

    Anyway, as a United fan, the three I reckon will go are Carrick and Foster, plus Neville to retire

  20. wan says:

    berba should go….replace by benzema
    also carrick n anderson..replace by ribery n rodwell
    nw man u has javier…
    he’s looking good at front pair wth rooney

  21. S says:


    The first 2 simply do not fit in the Man U system of pace and counter attacking. They are the very anti-thesis of pacy counter-attacking football. Carrick did a good job when we needed him. He should leave while United fans are only starting to murmur their discontent and not turn on him completely. Berbatov was a complete waste of money. He is talented. Unfortunately, he does not have qualities United need. Alternatively, let go of Owen, sign another quality striker (I like Dzeko) and keep Berbatov 3rd choice… if he is happy to be so low in the pecking order. Macheda should be fourth choice. Foster is not happy at United. And he cannot seem to take the pressure of playing for United. Get rid of him and sign Neuer please! Not sure if Kusjzack is happy to be 2nd choice. If not sell him as well, and sign another good young keeper as reserve. Also United need 2 quality midfielders. Our midfield was atrocious in the last 3 games. We need someone who is happy to keep hold of the ball and passes well… while keeping up with the pace of the game. If we could afford him, I would love Hamsik at United. We also need an enforcer if Hargreaves does not recover fully.
    And Scholesy should retire… Gary Neville and Giggs can still do a job against the smaller teams and can slowly faze out next season. Likewise VDS.

  22. tabb says:


  23. syazwan chu says:

    Its simple as i thought.
    first,berba didn’t live the expectation since his arrival,just doing 360 here and there,and its definitely not helping.As he also slow down the tempo,and cannot work as a lone striker.Should be replace by BENZEMA/HULK.
    second,this season has been a poor for carrick,as he cannot operate well in the middle of field,always running out of passing range,i can see he are far from his best from during his first season,since he’s already 30,i sure its the time to sell him.Should be replace by VELOSO & MILNER
    third,i definitely sure fergie need to overhaul his team,by terminating scholes and giggs,as they couldn’t perform always in Man Utd shirt.Should be replace by SILVA,since what we need now is creativity!!!!!

  24. Vote me for president. says:

    The whole Manchester united franchise is so bad, mostly Garry Neville (After trying to make seductive moves on the poor Argentine-Maxi Rodrie) I personally think they should give up on life.

    Oh and Valencia’s nice little cry baby act after a German tackle in the Champions League at Old Trafford against Bayern was disguisting.

  25. nat says:

    Even though i think berbatov is a fantastic player, i don’t think that he fits in well with uniteds style of play so i think he should be shown the door. I think that ben foster has to go for his own good as he isn’t going to make it as number 1. I don’t think that anyone else should go as i beleive that we should have good strength in depth. i beleive that we should sign james milner and possibly david silva, however i beleive that next seaon should be about bringing through the younger players such as gibson, cleverly, corry evans, macheda and welbeck. i also beleive that at sum point we need to get hugo lloris in to replace van der sar

  26. Dan says:

    Obviously I’d love to see Villa, Silva, Gourcuff, Hamsik, ‘someone like Iniesta, Fabregas, Lampard, Xavi or a young Scholes’ but I think Fergie’s budget probably runs to what we can recoup from selling players and the always enticing offer of a nice lemon meringue as a little extra.

    Firstly, I’d have Carrick out. Not too bad a player and I’m not sure where he’d go but I think we need someone a bit more dynamic and creative. Fergie missed a trick by not going in for Sneijder last year and he ended up at Inter for something like e13m. For me, I’d love to see Van der Vaart in the middle and I think he’d be very affordable and great value.

    Regardless of what we rake back I think we should lose Berbatov, we can’t afford to carry him in the team – he slows us down far too much. I was impressed by the way Ivica Olic often seems in the right place at the right time over the two legs of the QF and we have a history of going in for players who have done a decent job against us – also, I don’t think he’d be mega millions to sign. I’m not a Berba Basher or anything, I just don’t think he’s worth the money we’ve paid (and continue to pay) in wages and fees.

    Also, Ben Foster. Not good enough. Take your pick from the current goalkeeping flavour of the month for who we sign as a replacement – history suggests we will struggle to replace VdS and it will be a sad, sad day when he retires. He’s just magnificent.

  27. Andre says:

    SAF won’t lose any of his English players except maybe Foster. When the new rules come into play he’ll need as many as he can get. And Michael Owen scores goals purely for fun in any and all competitions. Pressure is not a word in his dictionary, not to mention he has a great attitude and was a free and is paid half of what Berba most likely is.

    1.) Tosic
    2.) Foster
    3.) De Laet

    1.) David Silva
    2.) Karim Benzema
    3.) Yoann Gourcuff

  28. yes says:

    Sell berbatov. He blows. Buy a younger forward, (to let him get better) look at what fergie did with ronaldo. Also, try to buy joe hart. Ben foster is one of the worst keepers I have ever seen at the professional level. Hart is amazing and athletic, and with a solid back four in front of him, he could really be great. Van de Saar is good, but getting old by now…

  29. meh says:

    4-Gary Neville
    5-Paul Scholes
    6-Rio Ferdinand

  30. DUmb4ss says:

    1. Let go Owen
    2. Sell Berba for 15-20 mil Bring Villa(quite impossible since we signed a similar 1 in CHICARITO) / Benzema
    3. sell carrick for 8-12 mil – Gourcuff / Pjanic (not bulky enuff)/ hamsik
    4. sell foster – Lloris / De Gea / Neuer
    5. Buy 1 more CM. Rodwell / defour
    6. Sell tosic if he cant cut it and get silva / di maria

  31. Anonymous says:

    carrrick foster and neviile to second divison team like bury

  32. Paul Pot says:

    This kind of questions always brings out Championship Manager style response eg 6 duds out and 6 world class player as replacement…personally i think we can only get a good quality striker if we can sell Berba for a good price…as for the rest midfield and defence,true Hargreaves,Carrick,Scholes,Giggs and some fringe are suspect due to injuries,form and age but reaslistically SAF dont normally make too much of a wholesale move in a season…i think this season he will look at the striking department…and if he’d kept faith with his midfield and defense then maybe in the January transfer he will have to look at the centre mid if Hargreaves and above mentioned does not pick up…i believe only the next next season or two will the phasing of the defense and goalkeeping not this coming one…but of course i love to see Dzenko with Rooney,Hargreaves to hopefully recover and partner Fletcher and a really good left midfield playmaker maybe Di Maria/Van Der Vaart/Gourcuff or some whizkid coming and doing good and dont forget we still have Anderson…the current defensive spine is still good and dont forget there is Rafael,Fabio and Evans to count on in future…VDS is also doing great and Kuscak is not a bad deputy…

  33. Paul Pot says:

    as well you never know our youngster might just have a big break in the first team…

  34. Karl says:

    The weakness is midfield.

    Fletcher, Carrick and Scholes must go.

    Vast wages for players that edge mid table standard on a good day.

  35. Pablo says:

    – Owen Hargreaves
    + Marek Hamsik

    – Berbatov
    + Benzema

    – Michael Owen
    + Javier Hernandez

    The 6 Yard Box

  36. Erik Haug says:

    I think Sir Alex will stick with his midfield players. Carrick has had a bad spell this term, and there has been some problems with Anderson. But Anderson is still young and if he can get a good run in the team next term, he might get to the next level as Nani have done in the second half of the season. But if one midfielder has to go, I would sell Carrick. We might get 10 millon for him…. Then go for Di Rossi for around 25 million.

    The strike force behind Rooney is not there. Rooney has been doing it all alone this season. The last successfuly years we had Tevez and Ronaldo. Berbatov has skills, but as everyone can see, he hasnt the skills United need. His to slow. U cant put the ball behind the defenders and even if he can dribbel a man, its in slow motion. United is all about pace when attacking and with Berba u will never get that. If we can get 15 mill for him we should sell him and go for Benzema. I try to strike a deal with Madrid at around 20 million.

    Sell Foster for 3,5 million, get Neville to call it a day. Pray to God that Heargreaves still can recover and thats it. We have Van der Sar one more year, and canlive with Kusjzack as number 2. Then go for a world class keeper after next season!

    If Sir Alex do something like this, ill bet we will go for futher greatness next season. The key is two class players comming in, one in central midfield and one poacher up front with Wazza!

  37. ... says:

    sell berba, foster, and anderson. get villa, akinfeev, and rodwell

  38. bere says:

    berebflop,carrick,m.owen and buy benzuma,silva,derossi

  39. Casper says:

    Berba is a top class player but plays at the wrong club respectively in the wrong system as the 4-5-1 system which Fergie predominantly in big games doesn’t suit him at all. He is brilliant in a 4-4-2 system where he can operate as a second striker like he did at Spurs with Keane or Defoe or at his former Club Leverkusen…
    What do you think where Berba will head at? La Liga, Serie A?

  40. Galex says:

    Sell – Berbatov – has skill but not enough for united, Carrick – complete waste of space (worst utd midfielder of all time??), Foster – simply inept. Buy one creative central midfielder and a pure striker to partner Rooney. Give Hargreaves another year, if still crocked bugger him off to some coastal town to enjoy his retirement…. Same goes for Anderson, he has huge potential, but has only shown glimpses of it. Finally, learn that Ryan Giggs is useless in centre midfield, he is a left winger full stop.

  41. iPostman says:

    u retards no fk all.. berba and ando out maybe but some of these transfer lists are messd if u look at age n price of some of these players

  42. irfan says:

    berbatov the biggest man u flop ever, i’ll personally have a party when he is sold in the summer. we need to get benzema to replace him.
    anderson is useless because he never scores so we need the excellent james milner to come in and get us some goals from midfield. wes brown must also be sold as he is just not good enough to cover rio and vida so we need kjaer and the defensive duties need to be shared between these 3.

  43. james says:

    Players that we can and should sell this summer:
    Foster- 7 million(Happy with Kuzcak as back up to VDS, no need for 3)
    Vidic- 25 million (Evans or Smalling instead, Vida isn’t happy)
    Cathcart- 3 million (not good enough)
    Hargreaves- 5 million (unlikely ever to be his old self, let some other club take a risk on him, we have Fletcher, Carrick, Gibson, Cleverly anyway)
    Anderson- 10 million (just not good enough)
    Possebon- 3 million (not needed)
    Tosic- 4 million (Who?)
    Owen- 4 million (like Hargreaves, let someone else take the risk)
    Berbatov- 15 million (lucky to get 10m the way he plays)
    Value- Roughly 80 million, plus the 20 million summer budget

    Sign: CM: Hamsik- 25 million, or Pjanic- 20 million, or Gourcuff- 30 million, or Milner 20 million.
    LW/FWD: Hazard- 20 million, or Di Maria- 25 million, or Aguero 45 million.
    STK: Dzeko- 25 million, or Carlton Cole- 15 million, or Lukaku- 15 million, or Benzema- 25 million, or Hulk- 20 million

  44. Gilly says:

    Berbatov out for 15 million. Try and lure benzema to old trafford for around 20 million.
    Anderson out for 15 million. Try and snap up pjanic and hamsik for 20 million each.
    Neville to hit the sack and retire. Use the ronaldo cash to buy kjaer for 20 million
    Wes brown out for 10 million. Chielini would be great value at 12 million.
    Please show Forster the exit for 10 million. Hugo lloris and akinfeev for 10 million each.

  45. AZMAN says:


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  47. Gilly says:

    Berbatov out £15 million Benzema in £25 million
    Anderson out £15 million Sissoko in £15 million
    Brown out £10 million Kjaer in £20 million
    Kuszczak out £10 million Akinfeev in £15 million
    Foster out £10 million Llorris in £15 million
    Park out £10 million Gosling in £10 million
    O’shea out £10 million Rodwell in £10 million
    Obertan out £10 million Milner in for £15 million
    Possebon out £8 million Da laet out £8 million Zieler out £8 million Diouf out £8 million Tosic out £8 million
    Silva in £20 million
    Pjanic in £20 million
    Agbonlahor in £20 million
    Hamsik in £20 million

  48. Gilly says:

    Scholes Neville Giggs and Edwin to retire

    Luis Suarez in £25 million
    Manuel Mata in £20 million
    Magnus eikram out £10 million
    Danny welbeck out on loan
    Roswell gosling milner agbonlahor onloan to former clubs for one season.

  49. Anonymous says:

    he doesnt need 2 sell any1 as no players are dat bad. but wud b nice 2 hav sum1 like van persie or diego millito or huntellar up front. in midfield sneidger or van der vaart. in defence would like 2 see sergio ramos at right back.

  50. Patrick Holmes says:

    If I was Sir Alex, I would be willing to listen to offers for any of the following: –

    Berbatov, Michael Owen, Anderson, Obertan, Hargreaves, Wes Brown and I would not offer a new contract to Gary Neville.

    United must start to bring down the average age of the team. Van Der Saar will be 40 next season. The bulk of our defenders are hovering around the age 30 mark (Ferdinand, Brown, Vidic, Evra, O’Shea).

    Our midfield lacks both a general and a playmaker, the fact that Giggs and Scholes are still such important players, shows the real lack of quality of the rest.

    A goal scoring midfield player and another top striker to take some of the pressure off Rooney is a must. Recent games have shown that we are becoming a one man team.

  51. dean says:

    sir alex should sell berbaov and get benzema instead,david silva a replacmen for the legendary giggs and hamsik shouls fi quite righ for scholesy.

  52. rofu says:

    alex should sell berbatov because his a lazy player and he should not sell rooney he is a hatrick

  53. rofu says:

    alex is best manager in the world he should not retire

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  55. Dunk says:

    David Villa for the obvious first choice.
    I’d ultimately see Gibson pushing Anderson out of the club and it would be a shame to spend money to deny the lad a place.
    Our problem this season has been when Rooney’s not fit there’s no replace. Yes, on most occasions someone has stepped up to the mark in the form of Giggs, Nani, Fletcher but I’d still like to see that star signing. I’ve already chosen Villa so why not bring in David #2 Villa. They both have a price but I don’t imagine much of that will be covered by Berbas sale.

  56. Dunk says:

    Oh, wait forget what I’ll take either Akenfeev or Neue for Anderson

  57. David Villa in for £30 million
    Dimitar Berbatov out for £20 million
    Sergio Aguero in for £30 million
    Yoann Gourcuff in for £30 million
    Oliviera Anderson out for £12 million
    Zorann Tosic out for £10 million
    Rod Possebon out £10 million
    Gab Obertan out £10 million
    Mame Diouf out £8 million

  58. Only need to sell Anderson Berbatov Diouf Kuszczak Tosic and Foster.

    Earn around £75 million from that and use it and the summer budget of £30 million to buy David Villa £32 million
    David Silva £23 million
    Yoann Gourcuff £23million
    Igor Akinfeev £10 million
    Jack Rodwell £10 million
    Hugo Llorris £10 million
    Joe Cole at £0 million

  59. studmuffin says:

    not sure Berba will still command £20mill…

    still, as Sir Al, I’d flog off two ageing backs (pretty much perm any two from five) and Berba, and swap little Mikey Owen for whatever I could get… fill in your own gag here…

  60. kenedy andrew says:

    Bring Sanchez;Cole,Dzeko and Sneijder sell Berbartov Brown, Vidic and other aged players

  61. khairul says:

    sell / buy
    berbatov out / fabiano or benzema or aguero or FORLAN
    anderson out / gourcuff or kaka or sneijder or cole
    tosic out / sanchez or sweinthiger(don’t know to spell)

  62. Harzad kagawa rosi selver y toure nasri d maria by man united buy this sezen

  63. Harzad kagawa rosi selver y toure nasri d maria by man united buy this sezen

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