Manchester United Sign Deal With ‘Agricultural Vehicle Partners’ Yanmar To Produce Official Club Tractor (Photo)

Chris Wright

4th, March 2016


With Liverpool securing themselves an all-important ‘official coconut water provider‘ recently, Manchester United have moved quickly to nudge their noses back in front in the sector-specific commercial partnership stakes.

Indeed, United have struck a deal with Japan-based manufacturers Yanmar (who are already proud to call themselves the club’s official diesel engine suppliers) to produce a Manchester United-themed tractor.

That’s right. Yanmar are now United’s official “agricultural vehicle partners” too. As such, they are planning to launch a co-branded tractor that will go on sale in Thailand shortly.

Yanmar Holdings sports marketing group general manager, Ken Araki, said:

Thailand is the most important market for Yanmar and the best way to deliver our strong message to make people’s lives more affluent in Thailand is to collaborate with Manchester United.

As a result of our discussion over two years, we are finally able to announce the Manchester United collaboration tractor.

What a time to be alive.


(Via Digital Journal)