Will Chelsea Slip Up Against Wigan?

By Ollie Irish

Chelsea should beat Wigan at Stamford Bridge and win the Prem title. Of course they should.

But… consider this: Chelsea have won just one of their previous five final-day games in the Premier League, with three of them ending 1-1. And Wigan beat Chelsea at the DW Stadium earlier this season. So let’s not crown the Blues yet. Funny old game and all that jazz.

Who do you think will win the title? Vote below:

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  1. MG says:

    look, 16% of people polled are stupid

  2. Jeff says:

    Of course, no one from the pro-Man Utd. media would even consider Stoke City getting a result at Old Trafford?

  3. Ollie says:

    Fair point Jeff – but no, I don’t consider it an option. Could be wrong, of course.

  4. stu says:

    the thing is…when wigan won at the dw…it wasn’t a fluke. it wasn’t that chelsea didn’t perform, or chelsea were unlucky…it was that wigan outplayed chelsea. martinez got his tactics spot on (overloading on the full-backs, keeping it tight in the middle) & chelsea deserved to be beaten. stamford bridge isn’t the biggest pitch & chelsea have sh*t fans who will get on the players backs if we’re not 5-0 up at halftime (& i say that as one myself). so this isn’t a done deal. still…we’re favourites & rightly so. i’d like to see jt get the winner just to put the lies about his “poor form” to bed.

  5. Pooch says:

    There are too many things in chelsea’s favour. Playing at home where they have only dropped 5 points all season, a practically fully fit side, high on confidence, scoring plenty of goals, wigan with nothing to play for. Can’t see any final day drama to be honest

  6. BlueGenes says:

    “JT to get the winner just to put the lies about his “por form” in bed?” Oh, I’m sorry: you said TO bed, didn’t you…

  7. Djole says:

    Look, you can’t compare the average last match of the season, with this. Chelsea will prepare as if they playing Barcelona. That would mean that 1st half will see a couple of goals, which should put the 2nd one beyond any doubt. :)

  8. pete says:

    Chelsea Have Sh*t fans??

    I hope your not one of the half a dozen wigan fans that will be there on Sunday?

    didnt Chelsea have 10 men for 35 minutes of that game?

    stupid as it gets

  9. footballsvoice says:

    Chelsea have lost only once at home this season and have scored 60 goals, they have beat the best , man utd 3 times, liverpool twice and arsenal twice, they are playing for an historic league and cup double as well as their place in the team next season as carlo is bound to be swinging the axe on a few of the older players. they can win the league crwon from under their biggest rivals noses and they can do it at their home ground in front of their adoring fans…..dont know where the so called shit fans sit but its not with me in the matthew harding lower thats for sure……the boys will play their socks off, it will be sunderland stoke and aston villa all over again, man utd are more than clutching at straws, once they hear chelsea are a couple of goals up their heads will go down as they realise the battle is lost, fergie will kick a few water bottles go bright red and blame the ref the fa, the pitch, and even the colour of ancelottis underware and stoke will get a surprise draw. chelsea will be champions by halftime !

  10. alex says:

    anything can happen, of course im pulling for them not to win, but if you dont have hope for the game to change, then you don’t like soccer, you just like predictability

  11. we are not living in the past, but in the present, and rightly under carlo, chelsea will win Wigan and claim the trophy. When wigan won 3-1, we were 9 men against wigan’s 11, and there was also a penalty. Sunday is payback time. Ask Aston Villa, they had a fat payback cheque, and so shall Wigan.

  12. apexx says:

    Why must focused chelsea against wigan???how about man u against stoke????we look at the final score….which team will be the champion..

  13. danny says:

    In fairness Chelsea have been booed off by their own fans more than once this season. Stamford Bridge was hardly “rocking” when Inter came to town & that was an important game. You have sh*t fans. Deal with it. Still not as sh*t as Arsenal, but getting there.

    Also, you were down to nine men for all of three minutes but were the second best team for 90. Revisionism becomes no-one. But especially sh*t fans.

  14. SF says:

    No one talks about United v. Stoke because to be fair, neither are very big teams ;)

  15. Anonymous says:

    People can watever they want…been a long season 4da blues..winnin almost al home gamez..they only dropd 5pointz….wat abt man utd?i dnt knw anyways i wud luv 2c Fergiez face wen we lift da trophy…..go blues..al da way..u gt our support guys

  16. China47 says:

    Yes, this season is for the Blues.

  17. Marc says:

    Stoke have only lost one game away from home in the league and that was to Chelsea! People are writing Stoke off, but they still stand a chance.

    30 quid at the start of the season I put on for Chelsea to win so if they slip up on the final day of the season then I’ll be so gutted for a team I don’t support!

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