Man Utd: Diddy Little Juan Mata Tries On Romelu Lukaku’s Gigantic Size 13.5 Football Boots (Photo)

Chris Wright

11th, July 2017


Photo: @ManUtd/Twitter

With Romelu Lukaku officially completing his big move to Manchester United yesterday, Juan Mata was one of the first to welcome his ex-Chelsea teammate to the fold.

“Welcome Romelu Lukaku, aka biggest boots EVER,” Mata quipped on Twitter before posting an image of himself wearing the Belgian’s enormous size 13.5 boots…

Photo: @juanmata8/Twitter

Cor blimey, look at the size of those things. Lukaku must have feet like narrow boats.

For the record, it says here that Mata usually takes a UK size 8 boot – so now you know, and knowing is half the battle.