Man Utd: Footage Shows ‘Frosty Exchange’ Between Paul Pogba And Jose Mourinho On Carrington Training Pitch (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, September 2018


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A snippet of footage has emerged that plays in nicely to the unfolding ‘schism’ narrative betwixt and between Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba at Manchester United.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s Carabao Cup exit to Derby, it was reported that Mourinho had stripped Pogba of the United vice-captaincy after the midfielder once again criticised his manager’s propensity for conservative tactics in the wake of Saturday’s disappointing 1-1 draw against Wolves.

Speaking to reporters after the match, Pogba grumbled that United should follow the will of the Old Trafford crowd and “attack, attack, attack” when playing at home – comments that reportedly irked Mourinho sufficiently to decree that the Frenchman would never captain his United team again.

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Pogba was then left out of the cup squad entirely, sitting up in the stands to watch United get bumped out at the third-round stage on penalties.

The very next morning, Sky Sports cameras captured the moment Pogba reported for training at Carrington, exchanging a high-five or two with teammates before Mournho meandered across and put an abrupt stop to it with some form of acerbic comment…

Not that we wish to be lulled into the soap opera, but that really doesn’t look good, or healthy, or conducive to getting a decent, consistent performance level out of Pogba.

What a palaver.

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  1. carlos says:

    Both are probably at fault. I understand Mourinho and if Pogba had said what he said under Ferguson or even Pep, he would be in much more trouble than he is now. It’s hierarchy, you don’t question your boss in public, even a child knows that, how can a World Cup winner not know that? But Mourinho needs to understand that Zanetti and Terry are gone, players nowdays are soft. I don’t like it too but it’s just the way it is now and Mourinho needs to adapt.

    Anyway, I think it’s a combination of wrong people put together at the wrong place. Pogba is not a Man United type of player, never will, Mourinho is not a Man United manager and Woodward is just fucking bad when it comes to transfers… not one of them is at the right place. United are in for a very difficult time. And it will get worse!

  2. Red Devil says:

    I would sell Pogba in January for big money. Then, in the summer, find another manager and start from zero again because Mourinho won’t take United anywhere. But, between Pogba and Mourinho, I would choose Mourinho. Pogba is totally overrated.

  3. Jules says:


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