Will Mario Balotelli Choose Manchester City Or Manchester United?

Ollie Irish

10th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Inter striker Mario Balotelli is at the centre of a potential transfer war between Man City and Man Utd – both clubs have been linked with the young Italian. In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Balotelli hinted that he would consider a move to England.

“[Roberto] Mancini? He is a great coach. He let me have my Serie A debut and I admire him very much, also because he is a friend,” Balotelli told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“United are also a great club… and [their interest] means I am not weak like I thought.

“On my future I always say ‘I don’t know’. An important year is ahead of me in terms of my career.

“For now I am on holiday and I want to start the season well. If you want to know more then you have to ask Raiola [Mino, the player’s agent].”

Inter president Massimo Moratti has said Balotelli is not for sale, but the player craves more playing time.

“It’s nice that the president says things like that and that he considers me as a leader of the club, but I need to play. I cannot be a leader and not play,” Super Mario added.

Whatever decision Balotelli and his agent make, I would love to see him in the Premier League. He’s very talented, very volatile, and however long his stint in England might last, it certainly wouldn’t be dull.

Where do you think he’ll end up? Vote below:

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  1. faith bod says:

    I thin he’s got talent and man utd wld be d best place

  2. Zedie says:

    MAN U havent got any money!!! ITs almost like Man U fans are unwilling to accept this..

    They wont sign anyone this season apart from a few youngsters, there wont be any big buys (they usually would have spunked £40m on a sicknote by now if they did have money).

  3. james says:

    zedia the new city fan lol ahh when have utd ever paid 40 mil for a player? utd have only paid more then 20 mil on 4 players lol new city fans forgetting the fact GLORY HUNTER.

    as for mario well he is talented but imagine him bellamy,ade,tevez HAAHAHHAHA it will get ugly. put lescott an tevez on the poster what a ugly scene that would be.

  4. Deckard says:

    Well, SAF isn’t normally the type who spends loads on one single player. I remember last Summer of all the talk that Kun Aguero was coming for 40m quid or whatever and in the end it were a bunch of nobodies like Michael Owen.

    And Balotelli? anyone who paid only a little attention to this guys antics last season knows that it’s complete suicide jumping into an adventure with this smart mouthed, up himself, piece of trash.

  5. william mc carthy says:


  6. the canon says:

    bring him to arsenal arsene!

  7. Connor says:

    I personally think utd is the last place he’ll end up… an expensive headcase? i don’t see fergie doing it. City are in a better position because they can risk the money he would cost, but I bet he stays with Inter. I hope so at least, seems like quite a troublemaker and I haven’t seen his quality yet.

  8. Meji says:

    You guys must not appreciate this guys talent. Fergie can discipline him as a player. Rooney was just as bad if not worse than Balotelli attitude wise. His talent is undeniable. I think he’ll stay at Inter but I’d like to see him at UTD.

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