New Man Utd Away Shirt Is Very Dull, Like A Training Top

Ollie Irish

4th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

So the leaked pics were spot-on…

Cheap, unimaginative and without class. But enough about Darron Gibson. (Ho ho ho. Ho.)

Jokes aside, United’s new away shirt looks, er, like a rather basic training top. Nike could surely have come up with something more inspiring than this? Hell, I think even I could have come up with something more inspiring than this.

Yawn. The new Man Utd home kit is much nicer.

Or am I a fool with jam for eyes? Perhaps you like it? Rate the kit below:

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  1. Jimbo says:

    pretty crap, this one

  2. Cory says:

    The Sponor is a Joke and the emblem shouldn’t have that much trim.

  3. simone says:

    Quite ugly shirt. The whole thing sucks

  4. john blaze says:

    Looks like it represents the team pretty well this year. United are scum and don’t deserve a better looking kit. The home kit isn’t much better either.

  5. shay says:

    Well at least their actual training top isn’t some stupid lemon yellow piece of….oh wait.

  6. dojo says:

    you guys are crazy with your kit critiques. i’m a Chelsea fan but even i admit that this is a pretty slick uniform. you’re probably just a bunch of pudgy dudes wearing mismatched khakis and polos anyway. you said the same thing about the Chelsea away kit but i think it was pretty great even though they lost to Hamburg today. however, it is pretty funny that Liverpool are now rocking Chelsea’s old kit (just in red). maybe Chelsea packaged it along with Joe Cole.

  7. Kylie says:

    The away kit is really bad, and I’m a United fan!

  8. high as a kuyt says:

    why are kitmakers trying so hard these days, give it a rest

  9. supaphil says:

    Look. It doesn’t matter. If you win a trophy in it, it’ll be priceless.

  10. Str8h8 says:

    J.Blaze really now. Your right the kits are garbage. But they are better than your checkerboard kits that you jizz over. You are a funny bhoy! NOOB !

  11. deckard says:

    the home kit is better than last season’s but not as good as the one they had in 2007-09, that all red one was awesome.

  12. dojo says:

    after peeping the kit in action against the Airtricity 11 or whatever, i take it back, it’s not working. though i think if they went w/ the black shorts as you had it instead of white as they actually rocked, it woulda worked. but whatever … UP BLUES.

  13. Salfordred says:

    Don’t buy! Glazer rents boyz

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