Man Utd Crock Michael Owen Heading Back To Liverpool

Chris Wright

26th, August 2010


JESU Christi, it’s all a bit Liverpool-heavy on the wire of late.

Anywhom, this morning comes the news that Manchester United’s in-house stable boy Michael Owen is to become a Liverpool player once again next month after leaving the club for Real Madrid six years ago.

Owen is, of course, returning to Anfield to take part in Jamie Carragher‘s testimonial game that will see a Liverpool XI (including ex-Reds Danny Murphy, Jamie Redknapp, Emile Heskey and Jason McAteer) take on an Everton XI on 4th September with all proceeds going to Carragher’s 23 Foundation.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has granted Owen permission to play for 45 minutes in the exhibition game, in a bid to help regain some much-needed match fitness and form.

Anyone else predicting an innocuous but career-threatening injury?

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  1. frank says:

    stay away Judas !

  2. RedNProud says:

    I think Carra is taking a bit of a risk allowing him to wear a red shirt as he is the only ex-red that is not welcomed by the fans. He would be better off wearing a blue shirt.

  3. Ste says:

    Stay at Man Hoof you scumbag!

  4. TheRagulator says:

    Play for everton, fuck the hillsborough scum.

  5. Davy says:

    @ TheRagulator are you for fucking real saying Hillsborough scum?? What a fuckin cock end you are!!! If you cant think of anything half decent to say then fuck off

  6. Ryan Kam says:

    Come on guys, it’s for charity. Although, I’d be curious to see whether he’d play for us if it was vs Man U XI.

    Also, Jesus Christ, Rag. Be ashamed of yourself. Hillsborough effected all of Liverpool, not just LFC. A lot of fans on both sides of the Red/Blue line lost friends in the accident. It’s the reason why no one would dare to say anything during the Derby. I’d suggest you try though, I’d love to see both teams come together for a moment to tear someone into pieces.

  7. Anonymous says:

    judas stay away !


  8. WelshGaz says:

    I say let him play, we all know its where he would prefer to be given the choice, Rafa could havesigned him for free but didnt. As for The Regulator, Your a F**king digrace and should bw ashamed, the scariest thing about Hillsbrough is that they were just regular people going to watch a game of football, it could have happened to anybody including you COCK!!!!!

  9. Rik says:

    I hope he breaks a leg then he can join Hargreaves n Rio lol oh n WelshGaz good on Rafa coz the lil shite wasn’t wanted!!!

  10. kudgi says:

    Ragulator your a disgrace!! I hope u regret that comment! You only say such a thoughtless thing cause your hiding behind your computer! If you said that out and about in Liverpool whatever side of the red and blue divide then you would kicked up and down the place!! 96 people lost there life’s that day! I think it would make you a better person if you left a comment apologizing for your stupid and insane comment!

  11. Danny2k10LFC4Life says:

    The Ragulator dont u have any respect all those people died, why dare disrespect those people i agree i would love to see u get ripped apart.

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