Wesley Sneijder Admits He ‘Could Never Say No To Man Utd’

Chris Wright

26th, September 2010


By Chris Wright

The dirty flirt!

It’s Sunday bloomin’ morning so I’m going to make this one brief. Inter Milan star Wesley Sneijder has, once again, come as close to admitting that he wants to join Manchester United without actually uttering the words as is humanly possible.

The Dutch midfielder has been quoted in the Daily Star Sunday (stick with me) as saying;

”If somebody asks me if I will ever play for Manchester United, it’s impossible for me to say no. How can you say that if the chance came you would not play for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

I don’t think there is any player in the world who could publicly rule out ever playing for Manchester United, and if they did I would doubt they were telling the truth.”

After flitting his eyebrows longingly at the photograph of Sir Alex Ferguson that he keeps in his wallet, Sneijder continued;

”The Premier League, in terms of top clubs, is the strongest in the world, and it would be nice to finish my career saying I have played at the very top in Spain, Italy, and England.

There is not many who can say they have done that, and if that does happen for me I would only want it to be with Manchester United.”

Make of that what you will, I’m going back to bed.