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Wayne Rooney Tattoo Fail: Dumb Man City Fan Blows £500 On Rooney Ink

By Ollie Irish

Not the first time a City fan has ended up looking a proper clown for life. Why do they do it!?

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By Ollie Irish on October 25th, 2010 in FAIL, Featured, Man City, Man Utd. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

23 Responses to “Wayne Rooney Tattoo Fail: Dumb Man City Fan Blows £500 On Rooney Ink”

  1. Walter says:

    Ah the Berties never let us down. :)

  2. Samhumphreys says:

    Oh god, scarred for life with something ridiculous.. Idiot.

  3. tottenblog says:

    What a load of blatantly photoshopped bollocks!

  4. Dave says:

    Do Citeh have the dumbest fans?

    Onto other FAIL Citeh fans…like Chris Atkinson, after the 25-year old got a little too excited when his team launched a £100million bid for Kaka in the 2009 January transfer window – and had the Brazil superstar’s name tattooed across his chest! Unfortunately, Kaka turned down City’s mega-deal and opted to stay at AC Milan. And the barman and TV extra had been hiding his premature artwork for a fortnight until blurting out his secret to friends in the pub. ‘They haven’t stopped taking the Mick,’ he said. ‘Kaka’s one of my favourite players. I got carried away by the emotion of him coming here. I was gutted when it fell through. I couldn’t believe it and rushed to check all the news channels. ‘I wanted to show off. I just hope we go for him this summer. ‘My mum and dad haven’t even seen it yet. I didn’t show anyone until I was in the pub last week and said to the lads “guess what I’ve had done”. ‘They thought it was a transfer but when I showed them it was real they just laughed,’ he told the Manchester Evening News.

    …or another FAIL Citeh fan, Kirk Bradley was so convinced when the 2009/ 2010 season kicked-off that his beloved Blues would take the Premier League by storm, that he predicted Champions League glory would follow too… and he got a tattoo to prove it!
    The 25-year-old emblazoned his arm with a picture of the famous trophy complete with the slogan ‘Manchester City 2011 Champions League winners’.
    But after defeat by Tottenham there was no chance his prophecy would will be fulfilled, leaving them to slug it out for Europa League honours while Tottenham take on Europe’s elite.

    Other FAIL fans that require a worthy mention:

    Back in 1995, Newcastle supporter Robert Nesbitt led the way by getting a large image of Andy Cole tattooed on to his right thigh two days before Cole left for Manchester United.


    In late 2008, Sunderland fan Scott Lee was left red-faced when Roy Keane walked away from the club. Lee had suffered for two hours while having the Irishman’s face etched on to his shoulder.

    Never say never in football, but…what a bunch of t*ts these Guys must feel!

  5. Ohl says:

    I agree with tottenblog. It looks fake.

  6. goatersstripeyhead says:

    go to google search poda tattoo store and look at the 4th pic recognise anything like the poda tattoo store in florida. its a fake sorry rags.

  7. GS says:

    definitely fake – the image and text and centred across his back and the text is too straight

  8. daveduke says:

    Fancy going all the way to Florida for a tattoo.

    Which he must have done seeing as the tattoo shop is there!

    And the morons it was intended to amuse have all fallen for it – well done.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dave, obsessed much? Do you carry theses City stories around with you, you numbskull? Apart from the fact that it’s clearly shopped his back would be red raw with a tat that size done under a week ago.

  10. November 10th says:

    Hook, line and sinker you numbskulls – feeling pretty silly now Dave (btw, obsessed much?)

  11. Ollie Irish says:

    Damn, I hate fakes

  12. Dave Fail says:

    Duh, stupid City fans there so stupid.

  13. daveduke says:

    Oh the irony of the last Dave Fail comment!!

  14. Mr. Chopper says:

    You’re all dicks.

  15. JonnyBoySalford says:

    True a fake, not like this mullet headed city nonce? Another fake?

  16. Larry Marry says:

    Oh dear… rags get fooled by quick photoshop job in the same week their slightly retarded striker takes their cash-strapped club for a bunch of monkeys.

    Sorry boys… I feel worst for ‘Dave’ though, looks like he did some serious Wikipedia research for his epic post.

  17. Jimbo says:

    butthurt much? even if this is a fake there are a dime a dozen of stupid bitters. two got tattoos of kaka and champs league in the last three years. dumb.

  18. Vivaredman says:

    It’s fake, look at the truck in the reflection. It’s a US 18-wheeler.

    I’d love it to be real though

  19. Ianto says:

    DAVE….? DAVE….? DAVE……? DAVE….? Where are you mate?……DAVE?…..don’t let your gullibility stop you posting comments, you didn’t make yourself look silly at all…..DAVE? It’s OK I don’t think anyone even noticed…..DAVE?…..DAVE?

  20. R Aghayter says:


  21. Ash says:

    Its a photoshop been proven. Here is the original photo

  22. abraham says:


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