Kent Bonfire Society To Burn 50ft Wayne Rooney Effigy (Photos)

Ollie Irish

3rd, November 2010


By Ollie Irish


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Artist Frank Shepherd puts the final touches to the Edenbridge Celebrity Guy in Edenbridge, Kent, which this year is Wayne Rooney, ahead of the town's bonfire night display on Saturday.

A Kent bonfire society has unveiled a 50ft Wayne Rooney as its celebrity Guy.

The giant effigy is filled with fireworks and sports a pair of fetching green Shrek-style ears and a Man Utd shirt. The highly flammable Rooney is also holding a copy of his lucrative new contract under one arm and a big bag full of money in the other. Satirical effigies, eh. God love em.

Rooney will be set on fire at Edenbridge Bonfire Society’s display, which is one of the most popular displays in England.

The society’s spokesman, Charles Laver, said: “I hate football myself so I’m quite happy to burn a footballer. One of our members is a big Man U fan, so he’s been advising us on getting all the details of the kit just right.”