Ryan Babel Apologises For Howard Webb Twitter Jibe

Chris Wright

10th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

Thanks to Dimitar Berbatov‘s world-class ‘Bulgarian Shuffle’, yesterday’s damp squib of an FA Cup tie between Manchester United and Liverpool was effectively settled after just 30 seconds had elapsed which, all-in-all, precipitated a fairly dire subsequent 92-and-a-half minutes of featureless toil.

In the very first minute, referee Howard Webb had one of his chin-juttingly, chest-puffingly ‘Hollywood’ moments and saw fit to hand United a rather dubious penalty which Sir Ryan of Giggshire duly dispatched.

Liverpool substitute #RyanBabel then presumably got straight to work, sourcing the following picture of Webb in a United shirt on his iPhone…

…and then posting the scathingly satirical image to his inane Twitter account, along with a pithy remark: “And they call him one of the best referees? That’s a joke. SMH (shaking my head)” – a move that has since landed him in hot water with the FA, who almost instantly vowed to probe the Dutchman’s actions.

The Babelmonster later added (via Twitter once again):

“My apology if they take my posted pic seriously. This is just an emotional reaction after losing an important game. Sorry Howard Webb.”

The FA then responded by restating the fact that Babel can now look forward to hearing from them at some point within the next couple of days.

What a tw@t.

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  1. takeru says:

    bastard stupid Webb is the most fucking scum man utd player referee! go to hell you skin head idiot webb! You bring down your family name. Alex fuckerson give his ass to you to fuck ar!

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  3. TravisKOP says:

    webbs a cunt, babel did the right thing

  4. takasato says:

    webb is manc idiot!

  5. Martin Badger says:

    So Man Utd are awarded a non-existent penalty at Old Trafford. Wow! That’s news. But it won’t do them any good against Barcelona – no English refs for Utd in the Champions League. No unwarranted sendings off, no imaginary free-kicks, no valid disallowed goals, no fake penalties…what a reality check for Fergie’s boys. And the way Barcelona are playing, it will be much more humiliating for the Red Devils this time than it was in Rome. Great!

  6. lufc01 says:

    dont apologise ryan.webb’s the one who should be apologising.some things never change.even being a man up for most of the game the bastards still have to rely on cheating to get a result.no doubt they’ll still be crowing about their achievement.when are the FA gunna start investigating incompetent officials?

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