10 things we learnt about Wayne Rooney this week

Ollie Irish

18th, July 2006

He likes to fall asleep to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Either that or a hairdryer. Weirdo.
2 He doesn’t mind being nicknamed ‘Shrek’ or ‘Potato Face’.
3 His favourite food is spaghetti bolognese.
4 If he was Prime Minister, he’d lock up ‘all traffic wardens’. Harsh, but fair.
5 His favourite wine is sauvignon blanc. Mmm, me too.
6 ‘We didn’t play as well as we could’ at the World Cup in Germany. Duh.
7 The whole Ricardo Carvalho thing was a silly ‘accident’.
8 Wayne thinks of himself as ‘a quiet, sensitive, retiring shy person’.
9 He thinks the tabloids treat Colleen badly.
10 He claims to still be mates with Cristiano ‘Ronny’ Ronaldo.

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