Pundit Mike Summerbee Reacts Rather Bitterly After Manchester Derby (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Personally, I didn’t give a monkey’s who won Saturday’s Manchester derby but, even for me, City legend Mike Summerbee’s one-eyed analysis of the game is almost painfully cringe-inducing to watch…


Simple as that.

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  1. The Yank says:

    United were always in the driving seat and City’s goal was absolute piss. Simple as that.

  2. Tinez says:

    Except that City dominated attempts and played the best football. The fact that Giggs provided the singular decent pass from Man United that turned into a goal, and that Rooney shinned a bicycle-kick into the goal (well timed shin though it was), don’t make Man United a better team. The driving? Are you actually joking.

  3. Markell says:

    Fuck off, they were not! Silva scores in the 4′ and the whole game would have changed… I’m right there with you, Buzzer…

  4. shay says:

    As many times as City has lost to United you would think they would learn not to be such sore losers. Gonna have to get a bit more noisy than that to top United!

  5. Markell says:

    Ummmm, Shay, you clearly dont understand the soul and psyche of your everyday City fan. We sing Blue Moon, have you ever heard the song? How about Hark Now Hear the City Sing? Our version of 34 Years? We wont learn because we just do not care, it is what being a City supporter is all about. Pain, struggle, strife. Without all that, that moment when we finally do win anything at all will not be as sweet. Hopefully I’ll actually be around to see it, but until then, we remain bitter as long as others remain better.

  6. Fredmeister says:

    This was the icing on an absolutely delicious cake.

    The majority of my mates both red and blue agreed that a draw was a fair result, but one moment of magic separated the teams.

    Neither side really dominated the game, city were all over us for half an hour and we shaded the rest of the game. If city had taken that chance then things would have been different but they didnt and we did.

    Simple as that.

  7. Pedro says:

    Dominated possession? The stats make him look like a complete buffoon. Also, before the massive money injection, City actually beat United at OT a few times, so where’s the progress? Why the ridiculous fixation with the derby? City are underperforming given the amount of money and the fact that Tottenham can actually still pip them or Chelsea for 4th spot only belies that. City did play reasonably well and they are already a top team, but the bitterness is simply laughable. Woulda, shoulda, coulda, they were beaten fair and square, period, end of story, and until they actually WIN something, I’d say their arrogance and crowing is misplaced. Chelsea and United get to be arrogant because they’ve been winning. Bitter City (and to a certain extent) Arsenal fans have to suck it up and stop being such pathetic losers.

  8. Dan says:

    So he thought Citeh played well then?

  9. Gilly says:

    What he forgets to mention is the David Silva goal that came from a shot that was going wide being deflected in off Silva’s back. Also Man United had more shots on target, and shots on target tend to mean goals. Neither team dominated possession either although United caused trouble down the flanks with Evra and Giggs or Nani and O’shea combining to great effect throughout and getting through or behind the City defence to create chances.

  10. Tom Jones says:

    How is that bitter? Compared to Man City fans usual behaviour it’s not bitter at all.

  11. Capt. Mok says:

    Am no Man Utd fan or anything but this man is simply beyond me, incredible!!!! Man City was absolutely crap “parking” the bus and how they even scored was even more appalling. The nerve that man’s got claiming Man City played well

  12. Capt. Mok says:

    @ tom jones then i don’t know the meaning of bitter anymore

  13. gamblino says:

    Nowt wrong with that. That’s how a proper fan reacts!

  14. Tinez says:

    @Gilly, read the stats before you come out with rubbish –


    ‘shots on target tend to means goals’ – a line that is completely void for this match, man united scored two goals that we nothing to do with high pressure, multiple shot tactics. they were two, mostly individual, pieces of quality.

  15. Ruperto says:

    He Got Powned By The Stats Now Be A Good Lad And SHUT THE FUCK UP
    Manchester United>World

  16. mizman says:

    Why do citeh just compare themselves to united the whole time? They can buy who they please, but until they stop doing judging themselves against united they will always be inferior to United in every way.

  17. lewis says:

    what a noisy neighbour…. losing the game still can’t make them quite. lol..

  18. TravisKOP says:

    kompany best center half in the prem? BAHAHAHAHAHA sorry ol’ mike gonna have to disagree with that comment

  19. Markell says:

    Seen a game all year? You tell me anybody playing better than Kompany, except Vidic, all season.

  20. The Archibald Chair says:

    Eh, it was a pretty even game. They needed a touch of Cantona to win it.

  21. SstaAct says:

    Fuckin hell this lad’s like a broken recoed………… repeating that city played well, city were great today…… blah blah but they weren’t good enough.

    A class goal won it and the team with 3 points is united.

    Shut the fuck up and accept defeat graciously.

  22. Nicko says:

    mike summerbee haha what a twat – he may aswell have cried on tele.

    City were the better team…. how exactly?
    Pretty even for most of it but united quality came through.

    How any city fan can say Rooneys goal was flukey obviously didn’t see their own goal… you needed a major deflection to score a goal.

    Take it on the chin. Manchester is RED.

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