Dimitar Berbatov Set For Fresh, £175k-A-Week Contract

Chris Wright

15th, February 2011


By Chris Wright


The Daily Mirror (plus a couple of other sources) seem fairly sure that Manchester United are about to hand their cameo artiste extraordinaire, Dimitar Berbatov, a whopping new three-year, £175,000-a-week contract at some point during the next few weeks – a deal that will eventually be worth around £25 million to the languid Bulgarian – in return for his 19-goal haul this season.

United are apparently willing to waive their policy of only offering twelve-month deals to players in their thirties, as Berbatov only turned 30 a fortnight back and is therefore not ‘viewed by the club as a risk’.

That, as they say, is that. Seem like a good deal to you?

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  1. Karl Moon says:

    As a United fan, £175k is ridiculous. He is still a little too lazy for my liking. In fact, so lazy is he that he’s attempting to win the Golden boot in as few games as possible.

  2. The Yank says:

    This is fantastic news. 3 more years of Berba! He’s silenced the critics time and time again, but haters are always going to hate (look at Karl Moon up there). His class is undeniable, his touch is miraculous, and it doesn’t surprise me that people are still critical of him because his style is so subtly brilliant it goes right over lesser heads. A hat-trick of hat-tricks, 5 goals in one game, increased pace, and ability to set goals up on silver platters for his teammates, Berbatov is an amazing player.

    In a world where James Milner goes for 24M+, we should stop concerning ourselves with the prices and paychecks of players. Gone are the days where you can get a world-class keeper for under a million, gone forever. Lets face it, footballers get paid a lot and as long as the sport is popular, they will always get paid a lot. The fact is you can’t measure a player’s worth in dollars, euros, pounds, or whatever. You can only measure how good they are on the pitch, and Berba is very very good.

    Oh, and Karl Moon, you can keep trying to fool yourself and call Berbatov lazy, but you weren’t thinking such crap when he scored his hat-trick against Liverpool, were you? Nope. Get behind your players or find another club.

  3. alfie says:

    Good to see him rewarded with a new contract, he’s been brilliant this season and long may it continue. Sneaky suspicion though that 175k a week is a distorted figure – just like Rooney being on 250k (a lot of United fans I know seem to think it’s closer to 180k) – that’s more than the likes of Ferdinand, Terry and Lampard are and a bunch of City players, and I doubt the club would be paying 175,000 a week to a 33 year old. Something like 120k is probably a more realistic figure.

  4. SamHumphreys says:

    He has 20 goals this season, not 19.

  5. Class Act says:

    Mental money for an average player in a great team.

    Glad to see there’s no rercession in england. this is a joke, what would Messi get in england?

    500,000 a week? This has got to stop some where

  6. martymuls says:

    @ the yank, Best statement ever about milner! The man is pure class. I have never seen a player get criticized for scorin to many goals in a game.. Seriously, he has been criticised for scoring 5 in one game and 3 hat tricks. It is reeeedicolous.
    The man is pure class, and has kept us were we are..

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