Man Utd’s FA Youth Cup Tie With Liverpool Got Very Ugly – Four Sent Off, Three Arrested, Six Ejected

Chris Wright

14th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

A week after Jamie Carragher’s rapier challenge gave us all a glimpse of Nani’s inner workings, the acrid rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United boiled over again yesterday, with both clubs’ respective youth strings seeing their FA Cup game at Anfield end amidst controversial scenes.

Two players from each side saw red (United midfielder Paul Pogba picked up a second caution for ‘feinting’ during his run-up to take a penalty), three fans were arrested for drunkenness and a further six supporters were ejected from the stadium for igniting a flare.

United came from two goals behind to eventually win the tie 3-2, thus setting up a semi-final clash with Chelsea – though groups of their supporters did little to cover themselves in glory, periodically chanting about the Hillsbrough and Heysel disasters throughout the game.

Former Liverpool striker John Aldridge was in attendance, and branded the conduct of the United fans as ‘disgusting and sickening’:

“I have never seen anything like that before at a youth game and I never want to see anything like it again. It was disgusting.

“You get used to banter from United fans when they come to Anfield but to hear those songs about Heysel and Hillsborough was just horrible.

“The level of abuse was absolutely sickening, there was evidently a group who had just come to cause problems and I felt sorry for the families in the Manchester United end who just wanted to watch a game of football.”



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  1. KB says:

    This should act as a companion piece to the Republic on Mancunia article on here a while back, where the author of that site argued that it was their right to lambast Liverpool fans about Heysel. It now would appear that this twisted logic extends to youth players who were born a decade or so after the event at Heysel. Chanting ‘Murderers’ at a youth player, classy stuff.

  2. hahahaha sparking a flare…we’re in italy now? that fake out was funny ,admit that

  3. VA Red says:

    What a load of scum. It’s such a shame that people resort to such hateful words especially at a youth match. You would think that the Man Utd. fans would be more respectful after the recent Peterborough fan “airplane crashing” hand motion incident. Being a Liverpool fan I strongly dislike Utd. but I know that not all their fans are scumbags like this lot. Shame they had to set such a bad example.

  4. greg says:

    man utd fans behaving like spoiled brats entitled to behave as disrespectful and barbaric as they so choose. sounds about right

  5. RedSkywalker says:

    Shut Up, I can promise you there were probably Liverpool fans singing about Munich as well. Not defending anyone, just act as if they were the only ones.

  6. theredflag says:

    And when was the last time we played Peterborough? I think you mean Crawley Town, get your shit together.

  7. Steve says:

    There’s idiots following every club. Those who sing about Heysel/Munich/whatever are just as repugnant to real fans who support the same club as they are to real fans from every other club.

    The footballing question that’s vexing me is – Is ‘feinting’ during a penalty run-up a bookable offense now? I’m sure I’ve seen it happen elsewhere without the ref ordering a retake.

  8. Greg says:

    RedSkywalker says:

    “Shut Up, I can promise you there were probably Liverpool fans singing about Munich as well. Not defending anyone, just act as if they were the only ones.”

    I was there, and there were no songs or chants about Munich coming from the Liverpool fans.

    It was only a minority of Man U ‘fans’ who were making references to Hillsborough and/or Heysel, but please don’t try and drag decent supporters down to their level with your baseless accusations.

  9. Tom Jones says:

    Nothing unusua from those 2 scum teams.

  10. Ping Yang says:

    Why was that Man United player bleeding? Who hit him?

  11. Scoie says:

    what about your fans in the fa cup at OT? screaming munichs, and singing who’s that lying on the runway?

    not 2 defend them, but it goes both ways..

  12. chris riles says:

    I cant stand manure but dont sing about munich,they were young boys on that plane and busby used to play for us ALSO TOLD SHANKLY to take the LIVERPOOL job so while i dislike them with a passion take no pleasure in that song.

  13. Selwyn says:

    AND ALL the Liverpool fans are angels. Liverpool are bitter for being historians, ancient and cannot even win a EPL title anymore, but wait, next season or the next, maybe the one after, maybeeeee 2050!!!!
    Bitter, bitter, bitter, that we have taken the glory away from them and name calling does not hurt one little bit. The wheel turns and the more you slander the more you loose. Losers!!!!

  14. Oboke Moses says:

    Some folk should consider the kind of comments they send on correction-called up event. let’s not tare apart the 2 teams coz we shall need them 2morrow more than 2day.

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