Which Man Utd player winds you up most?

Ollie Irish

2nd, September 2009



A few weeks ago, I asked you which Chelsea player winds you up most. You voted as follows:

1. Didier Drogba
2. Michael Ballack
3. Ashley Cole

Can’t argue with that.

Today it’s the turn of Manchester United, aka the Champions of the World. Plenty of lovable rogues to choose between at Old Trafford, including Rio “Merkman” Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Comrade Gary Neville and Wazza Rooney. (Alex Ferguson isn’t eligible, btw.)

Vote below:

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  1. Aphiss says:

    I hate Evra beyond belief.

  2. Simon says:

    “Hate can only exist with a lack of understanding”
    As a United fan, that lazy prat Berbatov.
    How can little ginger Scholesy wind anyone up? He’s adorable!

  3. Philando Torres says:

    Gary “I’m actually shit-scared of scousers” Neville. A fucking twat beyond compare. If Michael Owen wiped his arse with a Liverpool crest he still wouldn’t be anywhere near Gary “My dad’s called Neville Neville, for fuck’s sake” Neville.
    Ever noticed how Man U players never talk about their fans? A new player signs and talks about themselves and the team, never the fans. Even Gary “How the fuck was I ever an England international?” Neville doesn’t. To sign for Man U you have to commit wholly and completely to your own selfish interests. That’s why Shearer never went to them – he’s not a shallow cunt.
    Right, rant over. For now…

  4. Joe says:

    Agree with Simon on both accounts. I cannot believe Huntelaar cost half a Berbatov, even though he scored only one less in half a season than Berbatov did all year…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Park can’t shoot can’t pass now that is annoying

  6. 6l4d3 says:

    how can you just choose one of the them there are sooo many shrek, ferdinand (wanskter), evra, berba….. but i do hate that shrek the most!!

  7. keith says:

    Philando Torres YOURE PROBABLY A SAD CRY BABY SCOUSER ……………………………..grow up little boy….. :(

  8. dirty dave says:

    Nani and anderson has one of those faces you just itch to punch! as for evra the guy oozes CUNT!

  9. Philando Torres says:

    Keith – a man who tells others to grow up and then ends his comment with a colon and an open bracket. lol. etc.

  10. kyjiggy says:

    christ what an absolute bunch of bell ends and sad c**ts u lot are. what a pathetic website. sh*t on you all and your mothers
    champions x

  11. Ehh says:

    Haha, I wonder where all the Berba and Nani votes are from. /sarcasm

  12. randomsausage says:

    has to be Neville, who plies his trade with all the joy of an undertaker embalming his mum

  13. alex d says:

    as a united fan i cant stand ji sung park on the field

  14. megaman789 says:

    I vote for Owen simply bcuz he is a judas.
    Btw Oliie, is it just coincidence that the first name on the poll is Gary Neville? ;)

  15. Peter says:

    Champiosn Of The World – shouldn’that be Barcelona

  16. Peter says:

    Rio Ferdinand.
    For this:
    And for failing his drugs test, being one of the most expensive defenders and of course for his complete, arsehole, tosser and yobbo attitude to life. He done more and worse than the above video.

  17. Ash says:

    I can’t choose. I hate Man Utd but I think that mainly stems from their dick cheese supporters, I can’t think of a single United player that does it for my hate gland since Ronaldo left.
    I can’t even bring myself to hate Rooney anymore.

  18. 6l4d3 says:

    ash i agree there should be an option to vote for the fucked up racist, cocky, wannabe, unfunny, biased, stuck up thier ass, glory hunting…man united supporters well i mean most of them SOME of them are decent!!!

  19. chet says:

    as an arsenal fan, as of late its hard to hate anyone more than that cunt evra.

  20. kaya says:

    I agree that it’s just not as fun to hate on Man Yoo since Ronaldo left.
    From a personal viewpoint, I don’t see how 2nd place can go to anyone besides Rio.

  21. Casey says:

    it has to be evra

  22. K says:

    As a United fan, useless fucking Carrick.
    Please take him back, Spurs.

  23. aqqe says:

    1. Evra
    2. Nani
    3. Ferdinand
    4. Rooney
    5. Fletcher
    6. Carrick
    fucking hell.. i hate them all.

  24. Dangerous Dave says:

    I hate MU with a passion but most of their players seem like okay lads individually now that CR7 the world’s worst diver and biggest c*nt in football’s recent history has left.
    Prolly have to go with Evra at No. 1 due to his constant cheating whenever they play Chelsea (even back when he was at Monaco).
    Gary Neville at no. 2 because he’s Gary Neville.
    The rest get a free pass because they’re mostly talented, nice enough lads and it’s Ferguson who exudes the c*ntish atmosphere over the club, not his players.

  25. hollis says:

    How can anyone vote for any player apart from Gary Neville with his little “hard man” stare.

  26. yous says:

    How is anybody not mentioning O’Shea?! He’s the most luckiest player in the word cos for a player of such limited and otherwise poor talent he is almost in every starting XI! And I’m a united fan!! I hate seeing him play every week

  27. Paul says:

    Gary Neville he looks like Dot Cotton after she has had a stroke.

  28. Justice96 says:

    cant really understand why fletcher and carrick are in that vote and are apparently wind up as many people as anderson, giggs and scholes? why has anderson not got more votes. he has a face that needs a too-footed studs up challenge.

  29. yeah like someone above said, Gary Neville , never liked him anyway

  30. Kingman says:

    She’ ra wasnt a definately wasnt a shallow c*nt he was a f-in bully and now one seems to see it. all that skill power and F’ all for trophies well done. Scouse scum shut up your team is dead you have 2 players and a fat poncy manager.

  31. j says:

    john o’shea is way overrated. clumsy, not skillful, lacks pace. only advantage is his height.

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  33. BUGSY BRAB says:

    i hate them all , not this generation of players but the whole history of the club , they hate us (liverpool fc ) and we hate them ,
    but neville and shrek take the biscuit, fergie thinks he is untouchable ( barcelona ) and drinks to much whiskey , top nose that fergie lad top nose

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  35. Martino says:

    Rio Ferdinand! what a c*nt

  36. Mike says:

    For me Rooney has to be #1 on that list.

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