Man City 1-0 Man Utd: Yaya Toure Rolls City Into The Final (With Photos)

Chris Wright

16th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Following a bit of a tit-for-tat first-half, the balls-out Mancfest of an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley this afternoon ignited soon after the interval, with City seizing on the shift in momentum afforded to them by a booming crowd to both nudge themselves in front and effectively shore up the game – all within the space of a fevered 25-minute period.

‘Twas the colossal Yaya Monster that provided City’s decisive goal eight minutes after half-time, seizing on Michael Carrick’s duff pass to power past Nemanja Vidic and roll a low shot through the splayed legs of the advancing Edwin van der Sar as the Ivorian rumbled into United’s penalty area.

City then pressed a reeling United high for the majority of the subsequent 20 minutes, roughly until ‘Typical Scholesy’ reared his wheezing pink head and duly saw red in the 73rd minute after paring his studs through Pablo Zabaleta’s right hock…

…leaving his side to chase the game for the remainder with a one-man deficit, with only the limited talents of Anderson and Fabio drafted from the bench to aid the cause, while City defended their weighty lead manfully.

There was also a bit of barney after the final whistle when Anderson and Rio Ferdinand took umbrage at apparently being taunted by Mario Balotelli, but it soon blew over as City congregated in the centre-circle, linked arms and celebrated like they’d just won the bloody FA Cup outright!

Loadsa photos…

Dimitar Berbatov fluffs his lines from close range

Yaya Toure scores the only goal of the game

Fantastic game, and a brilliant cohesive display (both offensively and defensively speaking) from Roberto Mancini’s side.

So, here we are. United’s treble dreams have been packed away for at least another year and City must have a creeping optimism that – with a perfectly winnable final berth against Stoke or Bolton on the cards – they are suddenly within spitting distance of earning themselves the right to cram that damned ‘ticking clock’ banner which has been draped in the Stretford End for the last umpteen years down the gullets of those responsible.

Any thoughts on the day’s festivities Pies fans?

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  1. SOUF says:

    Scholesy has no excuse for that challenge. What a shame for a player with his experience to let down his mates in such a situation !!
    Also disappointed by Berbatov’s performance, what a double-miss !!!!

  2. Chris also says:

    After all Scholes was spouting about Man City the other day it must’ve been the most beautiful icing to have him seen off. This match almost made up for how boring El Clasico pt. 2 was.

  3. Markell says:


  4. fergusonA lanjiau says:

    man utd really a badloser team! paul scholes really and idiot and dirty player!

  5. Ping Yang says:

    I never had anything against Balotelli, I always thought he was an interesting character. However, what ever he did to Ferdinand made my day. Pissed off Ferdinand so much that he was chasing Balotelli all over the pitch. Get in there, Super Mario!!!!!

  6. adam says:

    berbaflop is a load of shit. I don’t care how shite the midfield is or how out of form you are, you have to put the ball in the net from a yard out. Thank You and fuck off you bulgarian

  7. A Chelsea Fan. says:

    United were shit,City weren’t. All Man Utd fans should stop moaning, Bolton will beat City.

    It just wasn’t United’s day and Berbatov decided to follow the footsteps of a certain number 9 from Chelsea.

  8. dave says:

    @fergusonA lanjiau

    get a better translator

  9. Ahmed says:

    The pic with Balotelli arms open – as if pondering what the fuss is all about :D – looks godly hilarious. It is just so out of whack with his reputation. It not only makes out Ferdinand and Anderson to be murderous thugs, but also paints him as the ultimate model of self-restraint. Too bad, he undoes it all with his *wink* afterwards.

  10. Tinez says:

    @A Chelsea fan

    Great prediction about Bolton there.

  11. Nicko says:

    What a shit game.
    berbatov doesnt show up to big games.
    Missed rooney.
    Did united even come out of the tunnel for the 2nd half?
    Ballotelli is a class A wanker – whats new.

    Fingers crossed Stoke do the honours & stop the dirty orrible blue twats from winning.

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