Police Visit Wayne Rooney Over Tabloid Phone-Hacking Scandal

Chris Wright

28th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

According to a Tweet posted by the man himself this afternoon, Wayne Rooney may be one of the many high-profile public figures to have had their phones hacked by the gutter press.

BBC Sport are suggesting that detectives met Rooney at his home and showed him pages from a notebook seized from the News of the World’s chief rat, Glenn Mulcaire, which listed the Manchester United striker’s personal details as well as those of some of his closest friends.

Indeed the Guardian also reckon that Rooney is ‘considering suing’ the tabloid, though they aren’t willing to go any further than that with their claims.

Scotland Yard, who are currently conducting a nationwide inquiry into the matter after the News of the World were found to have accessed the phones of several celebrities (including former Sky gobshite Andy Gray) and political figures, have since refused to comment on Rooney’s claim – saying only that it was ‘up to him’ what he decided to post on social networking sites.

Rooney later tweeted:

“Gonna get my lawyers to deal with phone hacking until end of season. So I can focus on helping MUFC win trophies. Thx for all ur support.”

So there you go, what do you make of that then?