‘We’re Not Going To Get Decisions In Big Games’ – FA To Probe Sir Alex’s Latest Referee Jibes?

By Chris Wright

“HEY YOUS! YEAH YOUS, YOU DEAF SOD!!! I like your flag, it’s pretty.”

Given that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had only recently returned from a five-match touchline ban for questioning the integrity of a referee, it perhaps wasn’t overly savvy to heap all the blame for his side’s 1-0 defeat to Arsenal at the weekend on ref Chris Foy for his decision to snub United’s late penalty claim – yep, the very same Chris Foy that let Nemanja Vidic’s brazen, full-stretch handball slide earlier in the game.

Said Ferguson, after the game:

“It was a clear penalty. He was definitely brought down, but we’re not going to get the decisions in these big games I’m afraid.

“Obviously it gives Chelsea a major chance now and that’s what happens. They got great decisions (against Tottenham on Saturday) but we never seem to get these kind of decisions.”

Bull honky.

Anyway, the Guardian reckon that the comments were specifically designed to put pressure on the referee ahead of United’s potentially title-busting clash with Chelsea this Sunday and that the FA are ‘looking into’ Ferguson’s little diatribe – though it’s perhaps worth noting that several other papers seem to think that, as Ferguson didn’t directly question Foy’s integrity, the FA are unlikely to take any action.

The sanest word on the day’s frippery belongs to Monsieur Patrice Evra, who summed up the ferrago succinctly:

“The problem was Man United, not the referee. It’s easy to find some excuse.”

I reckon I’m with Paddy on this one. Any thoughts?

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  1. TravisKOP says:

    agreed, united get just as many calls as every other top flight team, no sense in looking like a sore loser Fergie, gonna have to agree with Evra on this one

  2. drags says:

    i dont know what is happening with referees these days. seems as though weve spoken more about referees than play this season more than any other. in the united game both arsenal and united should have had a penalty, yet the refs were “blind” to the incidents. yet in the chelsea game referee’s were seeing things that didnt happen(balls crossing lines etc).
    its unbelieveable. one can understand not only fergies anger but many others too. Just get more calls right!!! this can shift a whole season, tottenham could not qualify for CL , arsenal could have been 2nd, chelsea could snatch the league all because of refs bad calls! it should be down to the football to decide seasons, not this rubbish!

  3. wolfusa says:

    how is patrice evra french? no offense to the french (okay, a little), but after the world cup, it’s strange to see any bleu take personal responsibility for his team, club or country. dude wears the badge properly. and, 1-1 for this supposed title-buster.

  4. Mr. Angry says:

    fuck you ferguson the only reason youre top is because refs have been helping you all season long!


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