Premier League Predictions: Can Man Utd See Off Chelsea This Weekend?

By Chris Wright

When it comes to the Premier League title race, the fat lady has crammed her heaving bosom into her stoutest girdle and is just about to begin going through a few vocal exercises stage-left.

Obviously, they won’t be able to shore it up mathematically, but Manchester United must be well aware that a win over Chelsea at Old Trafford on Sunday should be enough to see them  ‘effectively’ – there’s the crucial word – wrap up their 19th league title, being as they’d need a single point from their two remaining games (Blackburn away and Blackpool at home) to seal the deal.

Sir Alex, a dab-hand at ensuring his side’s finish like thoroughbreds, summed it up succinctly this very morn: “Everyone is aware of the magnitude of Sunday’s game. If we win, we should win the league.”

It’s that simple folks.

However, with their forlorn mid-season malaise slowly fading into the mists of ‘who gives a dog’s dingle, we’re a win off the top spot’, Chelsea have hauled themselves up from the relative doldrums of fourth spot to within three points of United at the top of the table – and, crucially, are currently enjoying their best run of form for what seems like an age while United fell at Arsenal last week.


Pies says:

Man Utd 0-1 Chelsea – all hell breaks loose as the title race is blown to smithereens/kingdom come/Narnia.

You say?

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  1. Tinez says:

    There is more chance of Torres scoring than Man United losing.

  2. Alex says:

    well he scored against West Ham Tinez so looks United might be screwed!
    Man United 1-2 Chelsea, Torres to get the winner, it’s been that kind of season (but Chelsea will lose to Everton Away last game of the season to hand united the title)

  3. Tinez says:

    You’re right Alex, scoring against West Ham clearly means that he is good enough to score against Man United.

  4. fergusonA lanjiau says:

    chelsea to beat scum!

  5. Michael D says:

    @Alex – I hate you because you’re right. We’ll beat United and then bungle it away somehow. Sigh.

  6. chimpo says:

    this one’s got cagey draw written all over it 1-1

    if he insists on starting with torres then possibly 2-0 united

  7. nicko says:

    If Chelsea start Torres, the premiership is ours.

  8. nicko says:

    I can’t see united losing on Sunday. Fingers crossed for a cracking game!

  9. baem says:

    well.. manchester owned chelsea. poor chelsea

  10. Tanya says:

    United 1-2 chelsea. Vidic will be sent off(has he ever played against Torres and not get sent off or booked?).

    Lampard to score winner but Rooney to score from a penalty Webb will give.

  11. mizman says:

    2-0 routine win for united.

  12. Elwoodb says:

    I hope United get the win 1:0

  13. ICreepVidic. says:

    You do realise their 5 game winning streak was right in between the CL 1/8? You do follow fooball right?

  14. I have no intention on making loosely founded predictions quite possibly due to my tendency to favour Manchester United……..hmmm. However after watching them two seriously stupid goons on Your on sky sports yesterday babbling on about how serious refereeing decisions have no effect on the outcome of the league (how about last year’s drogba goal that should have been flagged offside and then man u lost the league by 2 bloody points), seriously stimulating pundetry dickheads, yeah nice one.

    So hear you have my mistic vision for super sunday, Chelsea will go all in physically and drogba will get a penalty for some seriously soft nudge lol……. who needs luck when youv’e got the russian mafia on your side. David luiz will slap rooney in the face whilst the referee after witnessing first hand will simply carry on his business and allow play to continue.

  15. The Yank says:

    Underestimate United and you are done for. Remember, this is at Old Trafford. Had it been at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea may have had a chance. Add United coming off the high of having the largest aggregate win in Champions League semi-final history and you’ve got a near unstoppable force. United will wrap this up and let England know who the best is. 3-0 United.

  16. OGBG says:

    United have only beat Chelsea 7 times (out of 36) since 1966 at the Toilet so history favours the Champions.

  17. ANDY GRAY says:

    One Frank Lampard Chelsea shirt £30.
    One ticket for Man United v Chelsea at Old Trafford £150
    The look on John Terry’s face after missing the single most important penalty kick in the history of Chelsea football (Moscow 2009), simply PRICELESS

  18. dr derek says:

    drab cagey 0-0 draw.

  19. pete says:

    chelsea puts away the chances they get, 3-2

  20. Mr. Angry says:

    come on chelsea beat that manure scum!

  21. Mr.Chelsea says:

    @ANDY GRAY the fact that you dont even know what year that Final was is even more priceless..

    I don’t wanna make my predictions based on the fact that I’m a huge Chelsea fan, but I’m gonna have to say 2-1 to Chelsea. This has been set up for one of the best endings to a Premier League season ever. Chelsea have an amazing run of form going into this game, so I can’t see United walking over them. Luiz is back for this one after being cup-tied. Also Drogba is back in form, Torres is more relaxed, Lampard is back on form as is Malouda. It’s just shaping up to be like it could be a huge comeback for Chelsea, down 15 points to come clawing up and taking the title back to London. I can’t see this game getting out from Chelsea’s hands. Sure we probably will rely on luck to win this game, most likely a penalty or a bad piece of refereeing, I’m seeing a red card for Vidic in this one. I think Chelsea will score first early on to fire everyone up and get the crowd going through a beautiful Drogba strike. Giggs to equalize around the halfway mark with a great passing play and clinical finish. Then Chelsea to get their winner through a Lampard penalty midway through the 2nd half, and hang on to get the 3 biggest points in this season’s EPL Campaign, and go on to win what everyone thought would be an unlikely 5th English title :) COME ON BLUES!

  22. baem says:


  23. alex says:

    oh good call chris, way to be COMPLETELY WRONG.

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