Snapshot: Daring/Clinically Insane Man Utd Fans Unveil ‘MUFC 19 Times’ Banner At Anfield

By Chris Wright


Spotted during Liverpool’s 2-0 defeat against Tottenham at Anfield on Sunday, a group of daring/clinically insane Man United fans unfurled a ‘M.U.F.C 19 TIMES’ banner over the upper tier of the Anfield Road End and duly scarpered – making their way through the bowels of the stadium and into a getaway car that was lying in wait on the street outside while their fellow conspirators collected photographic evidence from the other side of the ground.

To be honest, I’m fairly amazed that the prank – which was apparently organised by the ‘Red Issue’ fanzine – didn’t end up in a fatality or two.

Anyone know how long the banner was allowed to hang there before it was spotted and presumably burnt to cinders?

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  1. MATE says:

    When did liverpool score their two goals, I must have missed them at the match!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    @MATE: Oops, little typo there. Duly amended.

  3. No Hooligans says:

    Anyone know where Gary Neville was during the time of the incident?

  4. keith says:

    it took balls! united fans have them ha

  5. C says:

    As a Liverpool supporter, I have to admit that im a little bit impressed by the balls that stunt took.

  6. Tank says:

    Fucking awesome.

    Though I’m pretty sure the only reason no one beat the shit out of them was because the United boys shat themselves while unfurling the banner and who wants to get that all over them?

  7. Mr. Angry says:

    fucking manure united scum! fuckers should have been decapitated!

  8. Rob says:

    Probably Howard Webb’s family, he was the ref at Anfield on Sunday.

  9. Matt busby says:

    Hahaha that is f@@@ing legendary wot proper geezers they should be knighted and given the key to old Trafford!100% hats off to them they should of stayed they would of had no probs. U scousers said ‘come back when uve won 18 titles!’ well here we are but were a little late just had ro claim the 19th first now wot!

  10. Kyle says:

    All you have to do is wear a Liverpool shirt (or non-descrpit red) and look like you’re unfurling a Liverpool banner. Just don’t show the people around you what it is, unfurl it, and bolt.

  11. C says:

    @Matt Busby
    Well done on the 19th. When will you finish school and learn to spell?

  12. Montesquieu says:

    At the end of the day, their little stunt put money into the coffers of the club by having these ‘ballsy supporters’ buy tickets for a game not even of their team.

  13. TravisKOP says:

    I’m honestly surprised they didnt get their asses handed to them for doing something like that

  14. Sean says:

    Insane. I’ve seen football factory.

  15. fergusonA lanjiau says:

    howard webb is being corrupted by scum fergie! FA should investigate thet these two idiots! no investigatiion means FA also corrupted by scum Man utd! i hope FIFA will look into yhis matter.

  16. Mr. Angry says:

    that bald prick howard webb should be sacked for taking bribes from fergie!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Modern day version of the 70’s ‘taking liberties’ at your enemies ground. Liverpool mugged and have to reply next season…better than violence.

  18. Anonymous says:

    scousers got pwnd!!

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