Nike Launch New Man Utd 2011/12 Home Kit – It’s Red, Green And Rubbish (Photos & Video)

By Chris Wright

Good news folks. An unmarked brown envelope chock full of photos from the new Manchester United home kit launch has just fallen into Pies’ lap, and we felt it was only right to share them with you…

We also have a few detail shots for your perusal…

At first glance, Nike’s 2011/12 design isn’t too far removed from their 2010/11 effort but, on closer inspection the neck has been redrafted and we are reassured by Nike themselves that this new strip is a whopping 13% lighter than it’s predecessor – and that’s about it really.

It also says here that the new shirt is a load of old rubbish…in so far as each one is woven from thread that has been manufactured from 13 recycled plastic bottles – United’s new strip is as green as it is red.

So there you go. Likey or no likey?

Photos: Freud Communications

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  1. Conor O'Riordan says:

    Likey very much. Less is more. Classy design.

  2. rich says:

    i actually prefer the kit from this past season, thought the white collar was class

  3. drags says:

    im a united fan , but this business of creating new kits every season that are blander than the ones before is a lot of moneymaking shite. its not a bad kit at all but at least pretend to have put some more effort in that putting a new collar on.

  4. somervillain says:

    Looks like parent company Nike are taking a page from their subsidiary, Umbro, with this one. This kit fits right in with what Manchester-based Umbro have done for Manchester City, Blackburn, and Sunderland with their Tailored by Umbro line. Classic, timeless. Though you wonder if these sorts of designs are going to make it possible for clubs to continue to churn out three new strips each season, as there are limits to how many of these sorts of kits you can do until they start to look the same. But — for now, at least — more please.

  5. dave says:

    nice kit but annoyed they release a new one every bloody year

  6. pay.niss says:

    ugly like the team……

  7. Bof says:

    Remember when they presented the new Arsenal kit? Exact the same video, same words—only different faces. Ridiculous. They could have at least gotten some new statements.

    For the kit itself: I like the 06/07 kit better. But who cares about ManU anyway.

  8. Jimbo says:

    I like it but agree with Dave. keep a kit for two seasons, wont kill you

  9. Ping Yang says:

    The ugliest models ever.

  10. Tanya says:

    Downfall of the United kits? It’s good that they’re going green but this kit is shit. Rooney looks like a fatass.

  11. Ritesh says:

    One with a green and gold collar would have been nice, and a better calligraphy for the player names as well

  12. fergusonA lanjiau says:

    is a really joking kit! champion wear like a clown! ha ha

  13. jamie says:


    that’s the official Premier League naming/numbering – every team has to have that.

  14. The Yank says:

    Not bad. I’m sure it will grow on people over time. I’ve heard the sleeves can be rolled to reveal the ringer style on the collar as well, like the new French shirts with the red rings. That might look better. Overall, a decent and safe shirt. It won’t make any “best kits” lists, but it also won’t make any “worst kits” lists either.

  15. Bella says:

    I’ll wear anything if it’s United, but I don’t fancy this kit. Last season’s was much better.

  16. Ritesh says:

    Thx for the info jamie I always thought it was the manufacturer which had rights on the numbering and lettering formats

  17. ryanp says:

    I like it… just because the crest appears to be much larger than last season’s. It seems to have been getting progressively smaller until now

  18. fatty nolan says:

    its plain red…..whats the problem. everybody creamed themselves over arsenals ‘less is more’ kit

  19. Unitedtillidie says:

    @fatty nolan

    and they have a ridiculously flamboyant crest for their 125th year, it’s just people hating united loving arsenal, personally like it but last seasons was class, im torn between the two

  20. nahom Kifle says:

    truly speaking I do Not like this shirt.

  21. crypt92 says:

    Nike doesn’t know how to make kits for United. So boring to look at. I think last year was better and i didn’t like it that much also. I rather have them sponsored by Adidas. Adidas knows how to make nice kits.

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