Sir Alex Banishes Journalist For Asking Harmless Question About Ryan Giggs (Video)

By Chris Wright

In which Sir Alex attempts to banish Associated Press journalist Rob Harris from an upcoming pre-Champions League final presser for having the sheer front to ask about Ryan Giggs’ importance to the side…

It’s not immediately apparent in the club, but after answering Harris’ perfectly viable question with an abrupt “All of the players are important…”, Ferguson then whispered to his assistant “We’ll get him, ban him on Friday”.

A spokesman for United has already admitted that the club will probably not be able to ban Harris, telling the gathered media: “I don’t think we can [ban him], but check it out with UEFA. The answer is probably no.”

In further Giggs-related gubbins, Greater Manchester Police have launched an inquiry after six vehicles belonging to members of the press were vandalised (we’re talking slashed tyres, dented bodywork and lashings of egg and flour here) by masked United fans as the paps lay in wait outside Giggs’ house in Worsley, Cheshire at approximately 3:20pm.

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  1. JC says:

    Ryan Giggs the model professional, Ryan Giggs Mr. Family. Typical United.

  2. C says:

    @JC Eh, if screwing around behind the back of the missus is typical United behaviour, I dare you to mention 3 other players who has done that in the last few years…

    Im defending man utd, is this my personal rapture? YNWA!

  3. dave says:

    hahaha give the paps a smash for giggsy

  4. Fred Tissue says:

    Sigh. Yet more poor journalism here, not reporting the full story.

    The reporters were briefed beforehand that no questions about Giggs should be asked, so this journo’s question was obviously intentionally provocative. Otherwise, why ask about Giggs’s importance and no other player? He knew what he was doing in asking it – so don’t start with the ‘harmless question’ line. The question was deliberately asked to provoke a firey response.

  5. theredflag says:

    Fuck off “Sex God”. Pies is quality, and we don’t want you’re pathetic commentary anyway.

  6. Coolie says:

    Ferguson is a bully. End of.

  7. The Yank says:

    It just wouldn’t be morning without some anti-United BS wafting through the air. Smells good.

    Fred Tissue said it all.

  8. Sex God says:

    ah yes, pies once again removing fair comments which have hurt their feelings.

    @Fred Tissue

    agreed. perfectly put.

  9. Malcolm Glazer says:

    JCL twats defending United’s honor on the internets are pure comedy.

    Get fucked.

  10. Tinez says:

    If you can’t ask questions about certain players, why don’t Man United just provide the journos with the questions they should ask in the briefing. That way, no one gets banned and Man United don’t have to field any interesting or difficult questions.

    Ridiculous, Man United, trying to control the media.

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