Snapshot: David Beckham Back In United Red For Gary Neville’s Testimonial

Chris Wright

24th, May 2011


By Chris Wright

We’ll sling some more photos of Comrade Nev’s testimonial game against Juventus (for the record, the Italians won 2-1) up tomorrow morning, but you’ll have to make do with a couple of snaps of Becks back in United red…

We know it’s all been a bit ‘United heavy’ today but, alas, you can only play the cards you’re dealt.

Photos: PA

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  1. Sex God says:

    ah yes, a true Sex God. David Beckham

    this man has been walking amongst the Sex Gods for years

    p.s. lol @ Phil Neville (potential Sex God material) calling Gary Neville (a true Sex God) a knob before the match on sky sports LOL

  2. Ritesh says:

    An absolute legend, would be very happy if SAF could get him back to OT, even as a sub just like Owen currently is

  3. Petter says:

    Come back to Unted, Becks!

  4. aed says:

    looking so damn good

  5. jan says:

    I am a Tottenham Fan AND a Beck Fan but if we can’t have Becks (and i’m not betting on That dream:>) i’d be happy to see him go back to Man Utd (even ‘a la Owen’) just to see him finish out his fantastic career in the EPL. Sadly though i don’t think he’s going to do that. At least i get to see him play for L.A. over here quite a lot. I hate people knocking him, what a Great career that man has had, i still pray he gets to play for England again. (Michael Owen also, pity it’ll be such a long wait until Capello is gone, and Stuart Pearce replace him!!!! Yea!!) Good luck tomorrow Reds. Jan holly.

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