Patrice Evra Urges ‘Petit Prince’ Samir Nasri To Become King At Man Utd

By Chris Wright

Wily/nefarious kingmaker Patrice Evra has told fellow countryman, Samir ‘the Petit Prince’ Nasri, that he should seriously consider joining Manchester United this summer if the young midfielder wants to get his hands on a few trophies before the next ice age engulfs the Earth.

When asked about recent murmurs that United may try and prise Nasri from Arsene Wenger’s grasp over the summer, Evra told L’Equipe:

“Really? I didn’t know (about the Nasri rumours). Anyway, if Samir comes (to United), he has to know there is no room for mistakes. Each year you are playing to win. That is Manchester’s culture.

“Each year it is a guarantee of a title. I have been at Manchester for five years now and I can’t remember how many trophies I have won. 13? 15?

“So, ‘Petit Prince’, if you want to become King you know where you have to go.”

There we go. Paddy at his merde-stirring best – he really seems to bring his ‘A’ game when Arsenal are concerned.

Anyone actually see Nasri upping-sticks for Old Trafford over the next few months or is Evra just talking a load of old shoeshine?

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  1. Alex Ferguson says:

    Why not?

    Everything Evra said is true and if Nasri does want to win things then it makes sense to move.

    He has no real allegiance to Arsenal, the Arsenal fans might hate him but he should really worry about himself and what he wants in life, not a bunch of fickle fans.

    United need a creative midfielder, Real and Barca definitely don’t so I don’t see what other options there are really, if he does want to win things.

  2. king gooner says:

    that dwarf liitle prick “patricia”should wind his neck in before it gets snapped..

  3. mizman says:

    awww calm down gooner, im sure Nasri will be really happy finishing fourth next year and winning fuck all for the rest of his career

  4. nicko says:

    @King gooner – hahahha wow you are so scary.

    Nasri would be good for united, united would be good for nasri.

  5. taha says:

    first our players do not deliver the trophy then they do things like this , if nasri wants to leave then he can go where ever he wants , but not to another premier league club … although i would like nasri to stay and sack this stubborn wenger … we have seen this thing in the past , the likes of flamini , hleb etc. i don’t blame players they want to win , and fans too , but this stupid coach says we are happy with the progress , what MODA FUK’n progress , even city is better than arsenal … :(

  6. Paul Kirkland says:

    king gooner: perfectly said

    I don’t think Nasri will leave but if he does I’ll be like this


  7. Adam says:

    Added proof, when considered alongs Ferguson’s antics yesterday, that you have to be a decent human being to be involved with Man Utd. What a guy! What class!

  8. Pete says:

    EVRA should’nt that be spelt XAVI…..what is it with these little pint size shits that they cant keep their mouths shut….well done to UTD for another title..but seriously alex keep that little shit under wraps please, before someone snaps him in 2…..

  9. evratakesit says:

    If I ever see evra I’m gonna knock him out in one punch.

  10. UTD says:

    hahahahahaha so true he wont win nothin at ARSEnal ! king gooner u wouldnt beat ur way out of a damp paper bag man, Evra would slaughter u hahah please..!
    F A C T

  11. Sex God says:

    Evra, a true potential Sex God giving some advice to a potential Sex God understudy apprentice.

  12. nicko says:

    Impressed with all the manly threats on here. Honestly round of applause for the bigmen AKA – King Gooner & Pete.

  13. Jason says:

    All Gooners sing it with me:
    “Ev-Ra, you’re a Cunt! Evra-Evra you’re a Cunt” (repeat as necessary)

  14. Mike Hunt says:

    Nasri is wengers favorite French band boy. What will he do without his favorite boy toy.

  15. Pete says:


    not a treat, more of a wish, which im sure jack will oblige me with next season. I’ve nout against any UTD player, but when they start mouthing off just to try and get themselves some press, its just embarrassing, and that little shit seems to be the main one, typical small man syndrome.

    by the way Nicko….how tall are you?????

  16. mtm says:

    evra speaks true

  17. Joe says:

    Evra needs to focus on how to restrain the likes of Messi, Pedro etc before opening his trap about Nasri

  18. V says:

    merde-stirring best is gold, chris

  19. UpYerArse says:

    Fabregas and Nasri to leave Arsenal would be lulz.

  20. raphoooooooooo says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Evra said, besides that is completely truth, if any one want to win trophy it shouldn’t be in Arsenal because they don’t have the material. I will advice Nasri to go to United and atleast be sure of a trophy next season.


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  22. nicko says:


    Evra trying to get in the paper? Or, Evra speaking the truth…

  23. davy o cullinmore says:

    nasri would be mad if he turned down a move to old trafford,
    united are the biggest supported club on earth and one of the most successful clubs in world football with the greatest manager of all time, my advice to nasri would be to get on the blower to sir alex and let him know your intrested in a move to united and to get away from that wenger clown.

  24. Pete says:

    Guess Nasri will only be winning the league if he heads to UTD…champions league just a step too far it seems.

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