Snapshot: Big Five! Steven Gerrard Revels In Man Utd’s Champions League Misery

By Chris Wright

Photos have surfaced on Twitter of Stevie G (who celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday) telling the world just how many Champions League titles that Liverpool have won from deep within his silken tent lair, shortly after Manchester United were torn a new one by Barca on Saturday…

(Photos: @PaulGrat1 via Daily Mail)

Gerrard’s BFF Paul McGrattan posted the photos, along with a message that read:

“Stevie G reminding the world“IN ISTANBUL WE WON 5 TIMES”!! Liverpool FC The Greatest Club in World!”

“Message from the captain to Michael Owen. If you can’t beat them you should of joined….us! 5 TIMES! You 0 times!’’

To which Owen promptly responded with a photo-message of his very own…

Pic: Volandil

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  1. Peter says:

    I’ll never forget Istanbul in 2005. The first European FInal I can remember watching from start to finish. AT 9:00 British time Liverpool were 3-0 down and my parents wanted to change the channel for something else. They agreed that “If Livepool score now then I can watch it until the end.” Up popped Steven Gerrard with the goal I and Liverpool both needed. That final will never be beaten.

  2. hgo says:

    who gives a flying fuck what this diver gerrard thinks:DDD

  3. Ben says:

    First Piers Morgan vs Alan Sugar, now Gerrard vs Owen. Odious celebrities of the world, please stop having “banter” arguments with other odious celebrities, it makes it very difficult to take sides when you’re both equal knobheads.

  4. dave says:

    Gerrard hasn’t won 5 he’s luckily won 1, don’t know what he has to brag about. When was the last time he won the league? Oh yeah thats right, NEVER!

  5. Rich says:

    @Ben you could just not read their tweets…

  6. chimpo says:

    sure it should have been “us 5 times! You 3 times”


  7. nat says:

    A useless bugger who only takes salary from the bench stealing a PL medal vs A beloved hero who is the very cause of his own reign as the king of europe…I wonder who won…

  8. syndex says:

    @nat “A beloved hero who is the very cause of his own reign as the king of europe” king of europe were you watching ‘pool this season regal they were not.
    It is more like doddering old benchwarmer living on old glories V doddering soon to be benchwarmer living on his one old glory. And beloved hero outside of the red half of the mersey he is roundly hated as and obnoxious diving idiot content to be a big fish in a small pond.

  9. King Eric says:

    I think we can all take pride in being level with Steven Gerrard on Premiership titles.

  10. united4evaah says:

    screw u stevie g!

  11. tom says:

    King Eric – Zing!!! actually made me laugh out loud

  12. Greg says:

    When I was a kid and Phil Neal had the European Cup with him on his testimonial tour (1984, I believe).

    Obviously I grasped the opportunity to have my photo taken holding Ol’ Big Ears aloft – even though it the winning of it was nothing to do with me at all.

    Anyway, good to see that photo of England’s Young Michael Owen with the PL trophy…

  13. Mr. Angry says:


    shut the fuck up! liverpool will always be the best… you know fuck all

    all you manure scum fans are glory hunting idiots!

  14. Nick Wiper says:


    you can’t win the champions league by luck mate, we beat teams like olympiacos, monaco, bayer leverkusen, chelsea, and as for milan what character we showed and that dudek save from shevchenko in extra time? great player who was just having a bit of fun here

  15. Jett says:

    Not a fan of either players, but it is just funny to me how Owen acts as if he captained united to the league and made a major contribution..

  16. Donner Kebab from the Bin says:

    Owen played at Carragher’s testimonial, its just a bit of banter. Not everything has to be as serious as you people make it.

  17. engerland_supporter says:

    Steven Gerrard = complete tool. Liverpool fans only celebrate their rivals’ defeats, as they haven’t achieved anything worth celebrating as of lately.

  18. syndex says:

    honestly I think he looks kind of embarrassed but it would be a big faux pas not to be fully celebrating with the team.

  19. nicko says:

    lol premier league champions and runners up in europe………having the piss taken out of them by a team that came 6th. End of story.

  20. LordRT says:

    6th and not even in the Europa, how about that Scouse scums?? Long live King Kenny hahaha jokers

  21. kev says:

    Utd won the league for the 19th time and runners up in Champions league but still well done liverpool on a great season, 6th place, a brave effort, maybe next year ye might qualify for the europa league and people might give a shit about ye again.

  22. Uncle Sam says:

    He should be holding up a donut or a bagel or anything round to tell the world how many league titles he’s won.

  23. Uncle Sam says:

    Them holding up fives mean that’s where they one day hope to finish in the league? Its not 1977 nobody cares about you Liverpool!

  24. Andrew says:

    ooohh all the united scum are such big talkers I love it!!!

  25. scottyboy says:

    Poor old stevie g thats as close to touching the premeirship trophy he is ever gonna get.wanker.

  26. scottyboy says:

    Cannot wait to see ya playin in the channel 5 cup sorry i meant uefa oops !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. TravisKOP says:

    FUCK EVERYONE THAT HATES ON GERRARD! He pretty much carried england in the fucking world cup, hes made his name last throughout the ages with one of the most controversial CL finals of all time and WILL be lifting the PL cup next year

  28. red_ant says:

    Very nice. Now give it back Micheal as you did jack sh*t to earn it.

  29. Mr. Angry says:

    travis kop is right! all you manure cocksuckers are shitheads for hating stevie g… practically the best player in england.. better than that cheating fucker rooney… manure’s bast player this season has been howard webb

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