Man Utd Set ‘Samir Nasri’ Ball Rolling, Liverpool Lodge £5m Gael Clichy Bid

Chris Wright

10th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

Well, what do you know? Looks like Manchester United and Liverpool are keen to get all their summer transfer dealing out of the way up top.

Several newspapers are claiming this morning that ‘third parties’ acting on behalf of Nasri and United met in Manchester yesterday to discuss a potential move, though the Daily Telegraph are also offering the explanation that the Frenchman may just be flirting with the Premier League champions in order to eek a new £120,000-a-week out contract of Arsenal – doing a ‘Rooney’ so to speak.

The Telegraph are also reporting that Liverpool have tabled a £5 million bid for Gael Clichy, with Arsenal fairly likely to accept given their faith in the development of young Kieran Gibbs.

Incidentally, the Daily Mirror also seem pretty adamant that 17-year old Southampton prodigy Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will sign for the Gunners on July 1st for the princely sum of £12 million – so it’s not all bad news this morning.

Pray tell, what do you make of all that hoo-ha?

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  1. justsix says:

    ~5,8 mio for clichy seems a bit less for me, isn´it? I mean there a not that many high-class LWB out there, which Clichy surely is.


  2. matthew adediran says:

    By now Arsene Wenger should know that Manc. do not deserve to be respected if truly they are making offer for samir nasri. Unlike Wenger that distance himself from making a bid for ROONEY when he had a contract dispute with his team. This thing does happen but i think Manc. are acting inappropriately and it should be a wake-up call to wenger.

  3. Phil says:

    If Arsenal had the financial resources available, not just for the transfer of Rooney, but also to pay his wages, Arsenal would probably have been linked more closely with him. Don’t be that naive, lad. “Acting inappropriately”??? Tell me, where do you get your transfer window etiquette information from??

  4. Jozzy174 says:

    Clichy has been getting less and less of a player he once was, time to cash in. I think Gibbs seems a natural replacement and Traoré looks good to go as a rotation LB!

    If Nasri goes then I believe that maybe he was a player who behind closed doors was a weak link. He’s one of our best players in a skill-full sense but he maybe disrupting the harmony, if so maybe best shot of him for someone else to deal with.

  5. mufc1992 says:

    Nasri will not move it seems if Wenger buys a couple of talents to the club, and of course manage to keep Fabregas

  6. nicko says:

    £5mil for Gael is a snip

  7. Phil says:

    Gael Clichy is overated to be honest, 5 millions about right, Arsenal wont really miss him that much.Notice suddenly how according to Arsenal fans NASRI isnt that great, he caried them first half of the season for a start.

  8. Matthew Adediran says:

    Must admit, i’ve only liked football since march 2010 so dont listen to anything i say.

  9. Cobby says:

    Nasri should move to man utd , if he wants to leave arsenal
    and arsenal should respect his decision .
    By the way Wayne Rooney never intended to leave for man utd to arsenal

    Micheal Silvester had our blessing when he left man utd for arsenal

  10. KingEric7 says:

    Hah, all these gooners talking about venger respecting united by not putting in a bid last autumn, you kidding me? For one thing they could never afford him, or more correctly fingers-mcgraw venger would never have forked out the amount required. Furthermore he wouldn’t suit their prettyboy playing system and the number one reason is Rooney supposedly thought Utd lacked ambition, why the HELL then would he go to the arse! HA!

  11. Riley says:

    I’d rather play Johnson left and Kelly right than have Clichy in the team. Too prone to defensive lapses. I guess I wouldn’t mind him at 5 million for squad depth though.

  12. asdf says:

    Clichy out? yes.
    Nasri out? please, no!

  13. nickooo says:

    Fergie sign him up, fergie fergie..

  14. japhet ruto says:

    nasri will fill the gap left by paul scholes

  15. machine gooner funk says:

    arsenal would be mental to sell nasri to any team in the prem especially manure. if hes posturing to get the same wages as cesc thats fine (he could have gone about it a bit more tactful instead of taking the twat approach) and if we sell him thats fine too, no one man does a team make, nasri would actually probably dominate in the bundesliga

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