‘The FA Treat Us Like Shit’ – Sir Alex Mithering Again (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

When asked about his feelings vis-a-vis the latest England squad containing so many of his Manchester United players, Sir Alex replied:

“It is fantastic. The FA may realise one day who has produced more players for their country than any club in the world.

“Maybe they will get some joy from it at some point in their lives and realise how important we are to England. Understand? They treat us like shit.

“But, we’re pleased for the players because they deserve to be there. They are outstanding.”

Meh. Feel free to be morally outraged if you see fit, but it just sounds like standard, off-the-cuff baseless Fergie grouching to our ears. The FA don’t treat United like shit, he knows it, case closed – maybe a quick, £10k slap on the wrist for his troubles.