Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal: Err…What In Holy Hell Was That? (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

29th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. What the f**k just happened? ‘Men against boys’ doesn’t even come close to covering it – in fact, try something along the lines of ‘competent footballing unit against a small gaggle of spoilt children ‘ or thereabouts.

Christ almighty. It’s not like Manchester United put in a vintage performance but Arsenal were a shambolic, depressing mess. Every tiny flaw in their perpetually naff squad was magnified ten-fold at Old Trafford yesterday.

Coquelin, Jenkinson and Traore? Fabianski, Miquel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lansbury, Ozyakup, Chamakh, Sunu? Really, really? I’m so ineffably peeved that I can’t even string coherent thoughts together and I’m not even an Arsenal fan.

I feel for you brothers, I really do…



Highlights (be quick)…

Poor old Man City, eh? They go and blast five past Tottenham and no-one bats an eyelid!

Photos: PA

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  1. MrMac says:

    Am i the only one that thought David de Gea looked quite quite shit?

    It’s not like it was awesome flowing attacking arsenal, but he still was pretty useless?

    And we kinda all predicted arsenal would implode this season didn’t we?
    Sad it has to be a fantastic hell driven firey in flames fall down tho :/

  2. JPLeBarton says:

    (Chris, you might want to look up ‘cognitive’ in the dictionary. Just saying.)

  3. Chris says:

    @JPleB: Yep, definitely meant ‘coherent’.

  4. John says:

    De Gea may be shit but when your team can score twice the amount that he lets in, It kind of doesn’t matter.

  5. Dont worry says:

    De Gea will be good and just made a mistake get over it muppets

  6. @John says:

    I think it is an issue, ur not always going to bet these kinds of performances, he should have played a lot better. Arsenal scored 2 goals when they had less than 40% possession. Good penalty save though.

  7. MrMac says:


    Will look forward to Man Utd doing the same to City & Chelsea, hell even liverpool.

  8. syndex says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see SAF have a chat with bolton about Jussi, BTW can someone point Merson to either the salad bar, I was wincing for the camara man who was stuck with his gut front and centre (well an everywhere else).

  9. Nick says:

    I’m not sure that there has been a more important 3 days for Arsenal in my lifetime. They’re really on the precipice of being engulfed into the chasing ‘Europa’ teams, and the only thing that will save them this season are a couple of quality signings.
    Wenger has done some extraordinary things for the clubs, and his squad is decimated by injuries and suspensions, but his transfer policy over the last couple of seasons is bewildering. £6 million for Cahill in the last year of contract is not derisory, but in the situation they’re in, is baffling. Just suck it up and stick a £12 million bis in, even if it is overpriced. Then move onto the next target. You’ve got 3 days, which you brought on yourself, and need to get people in. They could hav e accepted bids of £30 mill, and £20 mill for Fabregas and Nasri at the start of the summer, but they held out for and extra £5 mill on both, and for what? A last dash scramble at mopping up the also rans at the end of the transfer window? It’s just a very peculiar strategy.

  10. Jimbo says:

    pretty sure I had an orgasm at the game last night. the quality of five of those goals (Nani, Rooney, Young) were just classic.

  11. Michael says:

    Wenger, buy Baines and Cahill. Bye, bye when the season ends. O’Leary or O’Neill welcome. Play like men. btw, Jenkinson is fine, we all knew he would have troubles, but he has heart and he’s brave, unlike others.

  12. k9 says:

    @Nick even if arsenal don’t sign anyone and have a shocking season all that will happen is wenger gets the sack and a new person comes in and throws the £80+ million that is in arsenal’s budget and builds the side around wilshere.

    it’ll be years before arsenal are lumped with the rest

  13. Alan says:

    Szczęsny was diabolical all afternoon. I feel sorry for him that he’s so poorly protected.

  14. nat says:

    It was so disturbing I watched James Franco cut his hand off just to calm myself down. And I’m not even a Gooner.

  15. JJ says:

    I was much more impressed by City’s performance than by United’s. City were away to a full strength squad. United’s romp was more about how BAD Arsenal are right now.

  16. Anonymous says:

    @JJ you hit it right on the head!

    I mean, who were Arsenal even playing? 3/10ths of their first team from last year is gone (2/3 of which play for City). Jenkinson is young, Traore is TERRIBLE, Coqullin was making his first ever appearance… Then there was a red card. So United can score against a back line featuring a debutante, a player making his second appearance, Armand Traore, and missing its best 2 players. Big deal. City’s day out was MUCH better… How about that Edin Dzeko? Looked like Bambi on Ice last year, he’s settled quite nicely!

  17. SuckItHaters says:

    I don’t care what you say, the reason United scored 8 goals was because they are the best club in the country. “Arsenal defended badly”, granted, but its not like United could walk in goals. Arsenal simply weren’t up to the challenge. United played smarter, faster, simply better. I’d concede 2 or 3 goals were due to defensive frailties, but the others were because of attacking brilliance.

    “You can’t win anything with kids.” Proven wrong time and time again.

  18. Bruno says:

    ” It’s not like Manchester United put in a vintage performance ”
    Go fuck yoursel Pies. Acording to you Chelsea are favourites. hahaha

  19. newcassel says:

    I have a nasty feelin a lot of teams might get turned over at OT this season, I just hope it’s not us

  20. Charlie Adam says:

    ““You can’t win anything with kids.” Proven wrong time and time again.”

    Errr in what way?

    Welbeck’s goal was absolutely dreadful. None of the other scorers were kids. The defence and goalie, kids, let in 2 goals against an absolutely abysmal Arsenal.

  21. Wullie says:

    hahahhahahahahaahahahaha @ Arse-n-al

  22. Mr. Sensible says:

    I got slated by people for saying Pies were stupid to think Chelsea would win the league and that I thought United would be the favourites with their main rivals being City.

    I know it’s only 3 games in but it is quite clear there are 2 team with quality and the rest are shit.

    Isn’t this 2 years running Pies have predicted Chelsea would win the league, are you all a bunch of retards?

  23. Jesus says:

    Brutal to watch..

  24. Ceezer says:

    LOL. I like how the first comment is “DeGea looks like shit”…pfffffft. I think the only ones that looked like shit were wearing Arsenal shirts. Manchester United played a great game and slaughtered Arsenal thoroughly. If you really want to bitch about red cards there should have been two, Arshavin should of been sent after his second nasty high tackle. Arsenal sucks and Manchester is dominant once again. Get over it as Lionel Messi would say.

  25. Anabelle says:

    When you thought it couldn’t get worse, AW goes out and buy Andre Santos. Mediocrity never ends for Arsenal.

    What’s going on?

  26. Montesquieu says:

    What’s with all the haters. Go fuck off somewhere else if you don’t like pies.

  27. Montesquieu says:

    Preferably to Who Ate all the Prawn sandwiches.

  28. Scott says:

    Koscielny’s face as Jenkinson gets the red sums it all up really.

  29. Redskywalker says:

    @Charlie adam – Welbeck, Cleverley and Jones were pulling the strings throughout the game. (I know Welbeck wasn’t on the whole time…)

    Your obviously a sour Pool fan. Those ‘kids’ are pure class.

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