Sir Alex Ferguson Can’t Resist Another Dig At Rafa Benitez

Alan Duffy

8th, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

Former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has obviously had a serious and long-term effect on his former Premier League rival, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Accoding to the Daily Express, during a recent interview in the offices of an Italian newspaper, Fergie noticed a photo of Benitez on the wall. Pointing to it, he is reported to have said: “He is jobless and he is not a friend of mine”.

The veteran United man then went on to wax lyrical on the subject of Jose Mourinho, another former foe of Benitez.

“Jose is a good friend of mine, ” explained Fergie. “He doesn’t hide his emotions. I like that in human beings. The good thing about Jose is he can laugh at himself.”

“After a game we have a glass of wine, we talk about a million things. He is a good man but is young, maybe in four or five years’ time he will be more calm.”

Is Ferguson preparing the groundwork for the arrival of “the Special One” at Old Trafford in a few years, or is he simply trying to get at Benitez just for the sheer fun of it?

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  1. makoto hasebe says:

    beware what you talk old shit fuckerson! so what jobless? mind your own health first before talk anyone! show your respect! you call yourself SIR! SHIT!

  2. Red Devilish says:

    He didn’t say anything untrue. He is jobless, and certainly no friend of SIR Alex. Oh yeah, and he’s a shit manager who got shit results with not one but two great teams.

  3. Lady Anfield says:

    HAHAHAHA, Fergie, you are so funny….oh, go to Rafa’s blog. Barcelona 3 ManUre 1….and I am sure he is having sleepless nights over the fact that he is not a friend of SLUR Whiskey-Nose.

  4. Charlie Adam says:

    At least he’s faithfully representing his own gosbhite fans, by being bitterly obsessed with Liverpool FC.

  5. Rasta Mouse says:

    @makoto … u mad, bro?

    Rafa is a jobless clown, SAF just tells it like it is!

  6. Jamie says:

    According to the Daily Express…

  7. C says:

    …during a recent interview in the offices of an Italian newspaper…

    My guess this is so taken out of context, that he actually talked about a sale on free range eggs at his local tesco’s.

  8. Mr Realistic says:

    The thing is though he’s right.

    Benitez fails because he has no humour or understanding of emotions, all he cares about are stats. He’s also got stupid facial hair too.

    I feel sorry for Mourinho in a way, he was brought in to overthrow Barca, but realistically that is a job that should take a few years whereas Real expect it in 1 or 2 years so Mourinho is having to adapt the best way of beating Barca in that short time frame. This current Barca team is the result of 20 years development, the only way you can possibly think of competing and playing good football is by developing your club in the same way over a similar period. Teams like Real, Chelsea and City will all fail because they are all run buy idiots who want quick results.

  9. Rob says:

    Mr Realistic,
    you feel sorry for Mourinho? yes it must be tough to be at yet another club who is already full of superstars and can spend hundreds of millions on new players, then complain about referees when his team loses.

  10. Cremator says:

    It aint just about spending the money. If it were, Man City woulda been even more menacing then they appear to be now.

  11. baaizeed says:

    hahahahahahahaha when beintez pointed some truths about alex he cant take it face it alex he did more den u did in his first five years and if people can remeber alex ferguson was close to being sacked aswell in his early days

  12. lastnightidreamedofpussy says:

    @makoto hasebe learn how to speak some english u filthy immigrant fuck! and then punch urself in the face before u talk shit about SAF!

  13. Greg says:

    Ferguson may well be a decent football manager but, as a man, he’s always been a prick.

    Rafa just said out loud what everyone else had known for years, and Ferguson didn’t like it.

    Once he retires, and the journos stop being scared of getting banned from OT, we may find out what they really think of him.

  14. Montesquieu says:

    No one other than United fans care for him. Sure, most people respect him for his football prowess but the guy is truly a jerk off. As far as I can see, the guy’s never going to retire. He probably reckons if he does he’ll die of boredom.

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