Ashley Cole’s ‘Shocking’ Tackle On Javier Hernandez (Video)

Chris Wright

19th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

As you would expect, Sir Alex Ferguson has been quick to out Ashley Cole’s shin-high tackle on Javier Hernandez as ‘shocking’, adding that the Mexican striker is now likely to miss the next fortnight with a ‘numb leg’ – see what you make of it…

Remarkably, Cole actually was booked for fouling Hernandez in the area, though somehow escaped a penalty call – with referee Phil Dowd stating that the ball had gone out of play a split-nano second before the Chelsea left-back planted his studs into his opponent’s calf.

Don’t get me wrong, it was high, late, a tad ‘shocking’ and it probably hurt like a swine, but it’s certainly not the worse challenge we’re going to see all season – I can almost promise you that.

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  1. Agreed, we’ll see much worse this year. His studs are up fair enough but they’re not aimed at the shin as you see in many other horror tackles.

  2. And having not seen the game but read about it in the paper I was expecting it to be a much worse challenge from all the reaction.

  3. Steve K says:

    He hasn’t exactly gone in to hobble the guy, has he? The penalty box would be a pretty stupid place to try to do that.
    It was a genuine attempt to block the ball/make a tackle which he got wrong. No malice there whatsover.
    Accidents happen.

    But it’s Ashley Cole so he’ll be vilified for it as usual.

  4. barf says:

    if it’d connected properly, it would probably have broken the boys leg. It is not the worst challenge I’ve seen this season worth the fuss as it was borne out of frustration

  5. Anonymous says:

    It was a desperate attempt to block. He was either blocking the ball or getting the man. It was synical, high and very, very late.
    He should have been sent off and a penalty awarded. Dowd should be doing non-league football at best.
    By the way, i’m not villifying Cole. It’s his job to block and i’ve seen United players do worse in past years which I have applauded their passion.

  6. Tom Jones says:

    Thoroughly deserved!

  7. lfc says:

    What’s thoroughly deserved?

    Should have been red card, then we could move on.

  8. Montesquieu says:

    I’m not a J. Hernandez fan, but this was just an idiotic foul. Than again nothing better can be expected from him, A.Cole has never shown intelligence off or on the field.

  9. nicko says:

    Couldn’t take the pressure of frustration.
    Shame on you mr cole.

    Hernandez will be back bagging goals again shortly.

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